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Ready to Invest in Video Marketing?

Video is the clear most popular type of content that can be used to attract people on the internet. The value of video marketing to increase your visibility and growing your business is undeniable.

The future is in video marketing, and this is the perfect moment for both large as well as small, to make the investment.

Why am I saying that?

Since a staggering 96% of users interviewed by Wyzowl affirm that they’ve seen an explanation video to gain more information about the product or software.

Based on the study the majority of marketers believe videos as a crucial component to their marketing plan digitally. A majority of them invest in the best video marketing tools, and reap excellent ROI.

If you own a business which hasn’t yet invested into video-based marketing here are six compelling and legitimate reasons to.

Let’s take a closer look at these.

6 Reasons why Video Marketing Must Be an integral part of your marketing Strategy

The value of video marketing cannot be denied. A glance at the most popular social media platforms is sufficient to judge its importance.

Here are six reasons for your business to integrate video marketing into your marketing strategy in order to gain an advantage over rivals.

Here are the results.

1. Increases Brand Credibility

One of the primary marketing objectives for any company is to build trust with customers. It is essential to build a reputation as a trustworthy and trustworthy brand. Video marketing can aid in gaining the trust of your customers and achieve that.

Videos don’t just provide information but also connect your brand to your desired customers. The value of videos is the fact that they engages your target audience and creates a sense of emotion which is essential to establish a an ongoing relationship.

Video marketing can be utilized as a means to connect with your intended audience, communicate your vision and values and address their needs and earn their confidence to believe in your brand. This is the purpose of video marketing.

2.Helps Inform consumers about your Products or Services.

If you’re planning to launch the launch of a new service or product there could be no greater way to inform your target audience than to make an explainer video series.

According to the aforementioned Wyzowl survey 73% of respondents stated that they prefer watching videos to get information about the latest product to other forms of media.

If your clients are placing the most importance on videos, it’s vital to put your money into video-based marketing. It is possible to use an online course creator platform to demonstrate how your products and services can enhance your customer’s lives.

Consider a demo of a product such as this one, which can last many pages. However, all of that information could be condensed into just only a few minutes of an explainer clip that is animated. That’s the significance of video marketing you need to recognize.

3. Increases Sales and Conversions

It’s an increasingly competitive marketplace and you’d do anything to increase your conversion rates. This is where the significance of video marketing comes into play.

As per Google, Nike Korea realized an increase of 54% in conversion rates thanks to customized, event-driven video ads in 2021.

A video added to your landing pages will improve the chance of converting visitors into customers. The reasoning behind this is easy to understand: videos can be a powerful way to convince users that they are worth the product or service.

When they watch a video, the potential buyers feel more confident about making a purchasing decision. That’s why video marketing can significantly increase the amount of sales you make.

4. It’s essential to SEO

Your viewers not only enjoy watching videos however, Google also loves them particularly those on YouTube. YouTube ones.

In reality it is by having at least one video embedded within the website you’d like to rank on, you will boost your chances of ranking higher in results of a search. An easy way to do this is to create videos on the subject which you’ve covered on a specific page. This could increase your chances of being ranked higher on the SERPs.

If you’re thinking of making an investment in advertisements on Google video, it is the perfect way to enhance your results.

The significance for video-based marketing lies in the fact it could be used in two ways to drive more visitors to your site – by engaging your audience and helping you rank better.

5. Provides Caters for Mobile User

Did you know there were 2.33 billion mobile phone video watchers in 2021 around the world? Additionally, smartphone people using smartphones tend to be 1.5x higher likely view videos using their smartphones than computers.

These numbers demonstrate how important video advertising is to entice smartphone users. With increasing numbers of smartphone users can access the internet everywhere they go is a growing need for entertaining and engaging videos.

Your marketing department can utilize an effective YouTube software to produce interesting videos of your brand and products that appeal to the needs of mobile users and create an impressive brand presence.

6. Boosts Social Sharing

The majority of consumers share the videos they love through social networks. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of TikTok marketing, then you’re aware of that videos are prone to become popular in just a few hours.

If you make interesting and informative videos, viewers will be delighted to watch them and will even be able to share them with their contacts.

Social sharing can boost the visibility of your brand, increase your authority, and bring visitors to your site.

Videos can be used via social media platforms to advertise your products, market an affiliate program and much more than you could achieve with text posts.

Are you ready to invest on Video Marketing?

I hope that by now, you’re aware of the importance of video marketing to your company.

If you do it right When done correctly, you can reach certain goals and earn a high ROI from video marketing. It is important to select the right type of video for various purposes and to use emotional appeal and visual storytelling to reach out to your audience.

If you’re convinced about the value in video advertising, then go ahead and incorporate it into your marketing plan this year. It’s an excellent way to ensure your company is future-proof.