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Why A Headboard Is Important

A brief history of the headboard

The headboard, or the bed as it is sometimes known has been around for a while and is in no way an original invention. Its recorded uses go all the time back as far as Ancient Egypt with drawings of beds appearing in hieroglyphics as well as on artefacts discovered. Beds that are still intact are also found in tombs and are currently on display in a variety of exhibitions around the globe. From these instances we can observe that the design of the bed remains unchanged to the beds we have now.

But beds weren’t anywhere near as commonplace like they are now since such luxury was reserved for Pharaohs and other such high-level dignitaries. With elaborate headboards made of materials like ebony and gold and only the most wealthy were able to enjoy this level of opulence.

The headboards have been on quite an interesting journey since, and have evolved in design, style, and materials, with a whole host of options available. No matter if you’re looking for an king-sized headboard, double one or a single bed headboard there are designs and styles that satisfy every preference.

In the past, it seems the main reason for having the headboard was to show of wealth and status, nowadays there are so many advantages to having a headboard for beds.

The reason why a headboard is so important

Improves the appearance of a room
Offers support
Helps keep pillows in place for better rest and a better night’s sleep
Make sure your wall is protected
Keeps cold away

Let’s explore these benefits in more detail. It’s not evident how many advantages a headboard could bring even if you thought they were solely for decorative purposes. However, don’t let us get it wrong, we believe a well-chosen headboard can instantly increase the aesthetic and the feel of a room and can be the finishing touch that connects all elements of decor together into a perfect focus. However, the additional advantages are many, and far surpass the pleasingly beautiful they appear.

Headboards support you

If you’re the kind that likes to catch a few episodes of your favourite TV show from your bedroom sanctuary or lie in bed and read the latest book, it’s essential to ensure you are properly supported whilst you are enjoying. A headboard is the ideal solution and provides much-needed neck and back support, especially an upholstered headboard as the padding provides an extra level of comfort and assistance.

Pillow talk

There’s nothing more disruptive to a good night’s rest than having to look for missing pillows in the middle of the night. With no headboard to keep them securely in place and a good support for your neck and head as you’re asleep, those annoying pillows could end up wandering. A headboard will help your pillows stay in position and also provides a nice background for your pillows as you lay in the bed.

Your head banging (or your bed) against the wall

If you’ve recently revamped your bedroom it is the last thing you’d want to do is allow anything to scuff or scratch your newly coated or wallpapered walls. A headboard is the perfect buffer between your bed and the wall, leaving you with an entirely protected painting It also creates an area of protection between your head and the wall to protect you from unwanted bumps in the night.

Combat the cold

This is a straightforward idea and it has been suggested that this was one of the primary reasons that headboards were invented – that is to block the cold. Whether that’s cold coming from the wall the mattress is placed against or a cold breeze emanating from your head. A wooden headboard, a covered headboard, or upholstered headboard are fantastic choices for temperature control; since the materials used are not electrically conductive, they block hot, or cold temperatures from getting through onto you.

Are headboards necessary?

If you’re thinking of buying a new bed, you could be asking yourself “Are headboards really necessary?” You may be wondering whether the extra expense is worth it and whether a headboard will make any real difference to your life, or is it just for looks? Although premium headboards aren’t an absolute necessity but they offer a number of appealing benefits, making them an essential feature for every bedroom.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a headboard could be your bedroom’s pièce of art; the piece of furniture that defines the room and showcases your individual style. With so many different designs as well as materials and colours to choose from, there’s a headboard to suit every space. Another plus is that it is easy to alter the look of a room by altering the headboard and instantly changing the style.

Does a headboard help you feel more comfortable in bed?

The question on everyone’s lips”How can I be more comfortable? And can the use of a headboard aid in this? Adding a headboard to your bed’s base can provide you with some great benefits, which will certainly increase your level of comfort. Being supported when you sit up in bed, holding your pillows securely at a good position while you rest and sleep, and ensuring a more regulated temperature by stopping any draughts coming through or getting cold from the wall. All will contribute to a better overall sensation of relaxation.

Do you think it is bad to not have a headboard?

Essentially, having a headboard is a choice that is personal and is neither good nor bad. They can offer certain advantages and comforts, however they are not necessarily elements that everyone looks for, or wants, for a peaceful sleep. Not having a headboard does not necessarily mean that your bedroom or bed will be shoddy The final decision is yours.

Take a look at what you need from your sleep setup and think about whether you’d benefit from the advantages a headboard can provide. If not, you may find that a headboard on your bed is not an essential for you Perhaps you prefer the minimalist look of a area that does not have a headboard. Deciding what you want, and require, will influence which type of headboard you pick. This leads us to our next step…

Which one should you choose?

When choosing the ideal headboard, the most important things you’ll be considering are:

Style – Does it go with the theme that you’ve picked for your space?
Comfort – If you would like to sit for a while in bed, can it provide you with adequate support?
Size – will it be suitable for your bed ? Also, how much area will it take up in your room?

To create a statement A floor-standing headboard that is sometimes referred to a hotel headboard is the most appropriate choice.

Another alternative is the strutted headboard which is named for being attached to the bed’s base by two wooden struts. They tend to be smaller in stature than the high-end headboards which means they are a bit more understated, but are by no means less stylish.

Available in a selection of trendy fabrics with a variety of styles to choose from Some strutted headboards come with the distinct benefit of providing you with extra storage.

Help selecting the ideal headboard for you

Should you need any help to decide which headboard is the best one for you, our friendly team of experts will be happy to help.