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What Makes A Good Tailored Suit

Modern man is robust and refined. He’s tough on the field, and he’s well-informed in the boardroom and he’s stylish wearing a suit and tie. For him, just any suit can do. One of the latest fashions in men’s style is the bespoke or tailored suit. Anyone can walk in to a department store and pick an outfit off the shelf, but in order to “pull away” the tailored style, a true gentleman will visit an expert tailor. Here’s why:

1. Superior Quality

If you wear suits frequently in the workplace or out with friends know how quickly a suit of poor quality will begin to show signs of aging. A worn-out elbow and knee frayed stitching, faded colors can degrade men’s appearance and also their esteem. The truth is that the cheapest isn’t always the best. The fashion designer Tom Ford once said, “Dressing correctly is a mark of manners,” therefore make sure you are putting all your effort into presenting yourself by wearing an outfit that is custom-made for you. You’ll be able choose from a variety of top-quality fabrics that will not get worn out, drape perfectly on the body and give off an ethereal “luster” as well as a “scheen”. A skilled tailor who is aware of your individuality–as opposed to the machines that are on an assembly line–and you’ll experience an focus on detail.

2. Better Fit

There are many who believe that they can wear a suit that is off the rack perfectly, there’s no substitute for tailoring an exact measurements of your body. You should have a suit that fits like a glove and your only option to ensure your perfect fitting is by getting an individual tailored suit.

An elegant suit jacket is tailored precisely according to your measurements, and then reinforced by an inner layer of canvas This means it won’t sag on your shoulders it will instead highlight your best features while hiding the flaws you’d rather not highlight. The pants are hemmed to fit your shoes at the perfect length, resulting in an imposing and assured step. Your style will appear refined and stylish, much as if you were driving a luxury car.

A better fit can bring with it many advantages. In an article in the Business Insider article, Drake Baer speaks about “thin slicing”–the mental habit that we all develop of making rapid assumptions about people in minutes. Baer mentions a study in 2013 in which participants looked at pictures of men for five seconds before rating them on various characteristics. All of the men dressed in suits however certain suits were tailored while others were not. The majority of the men wearing fitted suits were rated positive in all categories and clearly demonstrating that “Men might be advised to invest in clothes that are well-tailored because it will enhance the image they project to other people.” Evidently, the typical department store suit will not cut it.

3. Better Fashion

Department stores typically have a variety of suits that appear identical. They could reflect the latest fashions but in a fashion-conscious way. If you really would like to be on the forefront of male fashion an elegant suit is the best method to go. The fabric and fit be top-quality and style, but also the appearance will be fashionable as you’d like the look to be. You’ll be able to modify the width of your lapel, as well as the number of vents, buttons as well as the cuffs. A suit that is custom-made is as stylish and trendy as you’d like it to be. And it could also show your personal style. Do you want a pinstripe or plaid? What about a suit with a pattern with a bold lining? The possibilities are limitless. The possibilities are endless. Blugiallo we also offer customized shirts as well as a vast range of high-end accessories to express your personal style.

4. Better Time Spent

Modern man has plenty on his agenda. We all know that. What you might not realize is that getting a tailor’s help isn’t nearly as lengthy as you’d think. In less than 30-minutes, we’ll be able to get all the measurements required to create a full year’s worth of clothes. Consider the amount of time spent trying on poorly-fitting clothing in a variety of retail shops. Time is money.

5. Better Money Spent

A suit off the rack can be purchased at bargain-basement prices but you’ll get what you pay. In most cases the cheaper option is more expensive. With frequent trips to drycleaners, the repairs of tears and rips and the eventual necessity to replace it, your cheap suit could end in costing more than what it’s worth. When you take a look at the quality, precision and quality of tailored suits, it’s an investment that is worth it. A good wool suit won’t fade or lose the shine that is lost from old fabrics. A suit that is custom-made will be the ultimate workhorse. It’s durable with virtually no wrinkles, and won’t require dry-cleaning since Merino wool is resistant to odors and oils.

A good tailor will craft the perfect suit that will withstand years of wear, and reproduce the latest fashions for less than the price. Blugiallo allows you to have a custom dress a real possibility for every man.