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What To Expect From Car Remapping

We’ve helped thousands of people remap their vehicles We have the expertise to know whether it’s worth remapping your car. This means that we know ECU reconfiguration can bring many benefits: then again, it shouldn’t shock you that a remapping company will tell you this. It’s a matter of whether this worth the effort?

As opposed to our competitors, we believe that it’s essential that our clients are competent enough to make an informed decision. This is why we’ve created this blog to help you work out if getting a remap is worth it for you.


How many miles has your car done?

If your vehicle has logged over 150,000 miles, it’s possible that a remap won’t be worth the effort. While you’ll notice increases in power, both in terms of horsepower and torque but by the time you reach this point in the life of the vehicle it will have lost much of the power it had initially. This means that the power gains resulting from the remap will not match those of the original values set for the vehicle.

When was the date your car was made?

It is not the case that every vehicle has an OBD port that can be connected to: this can make mapping the ECU extremely difficult. While every modern vehicle will have one, the same isn’t the case for cars that were built prior to 2000.

Is your vehicle still covered by the warranty from the manufacturer?

If you have remapped your car and are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, then the remap might not be appropriate for you. In the event of any electronic issue, the first action taken by the manufacturer of the vehicle is to probe the ECU meaning they will likely be able to identify the modification. This means that your vehicle’s warranty will be cancelled.

Do you know if your vehicle ever experienced a remap or any other adjustments made to it previously?

If your vehicle was subject to earlier remapping or modifications made to it, we cannot change the map. This is due to the fact that we don’t know what previous remaps and modifications might have brought about and the chance of an issue occurring is increased.


Dead spots in acceleration reduced.

The primary benefit of a remap would be that it eliminates dead zones within the power curve of your car. This ensures you will have an immediate response when you push the pedal. This will make driving enjoyable and safer, in case you’ve experienced of dead spots in an acceleration curve we can’t recommend a remap too strongly!

Increased power

Getting a remap will increase the horsepower available to the engine, while staying well within safety margins. Automobile manufacturers deliberately tune engines to promote marketing, allowing them to create several different models of the same vehicle. This remap allows your vehicle to use the power that manufactures have obtained and let the engine fully unleash its potential. the engine.

More torque

Not only the horsepower of your vehicle increase, but also the torque. That’s where you’ll experience the most significant increase. By increasing torque, the frequency of gear shifts will decrease as well as the vehicle will have improved acceleration. Combined with the removal of dead spots , and higher BHP values, it’ll be more fluid and more enjoyable driving experience.

Fuel efficiency is improved

A remap can bring about an improvement in efficiency of fuel, provided you do not alter your general driving style. This is because, due to the reduction in necessary gear changes, the vehicle will be able to sustain the efficiency of the energy transfer through the combustion of fuel.

This can put more strain on your vehicle.

Particularly with older models The increased power and torque can create problems in the drive train. This is because the enhanced values will be placing increased strain on the vehicle and could increase the rate that parts wear down.

Some car manufacturers are currently tuned to their vehicles

Certain vehicles are already tuned, such as Hondas. Due to this, a remap may only increase the amount of power available to your car by a very small amount, potentially meaning it’s not worth the effort for the vehicle.

In some vehicles it could be dangerous

It is not possible for every vehicle to be remapped through OBD ports. Not every car can be remapped through the OBD port. So, the ECU or brain of your car will have to be removed and physically altered. It can be done in a safe manner in a clean environment, however, when you’re on the road like our crew, it’s not a smart idea.

We hope that this checklist and guide has given you the information you require to decide if a change in your map is worthwhile for you. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please don’t be afraid to get in touch with our team.