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What are composite fire doors?

Despite its vitality that a fire door plays, it’s frequently overlooked in offices, factories commercial structures, homes. Fire doors for exterior use are a crucial part of any plan for fire safety as they protect the building’s inhabitants from fire. The exterior fire doors may seem to be a small and expensive cost, but in actual they provides complete peace of mind and that’s why the need for quality doors becomes a requirement.

What are composite fire door?

Fire doors are one that was tested to resist fire over a specified time period. An instance could be an FD30 door, which is able to endure fire for up to 30 minutes. The primary function of this door is to keep a fire out and its smoke , and to give those living in the building an extra time to get out without danger.

It is an obligation of law for residential buildings to be equipped with an FD30-rated door. It is also a crucial factor for homes and garages due to the extra security and security it gives when faced with fire.

The composite door is exactly the identical to a regular composite door, but with the only difference is the fireproofing materials it is made of to ensure that it is in compliance with all required standards.

Fire doors of various types

There are three kinds of fire doors that are offered throughout the UK:

Wooden doorsare available in a variety of designs and, if taken care of appropriately, can last as long as a hundred years.
UPVC doors are more affordable and suitable for those with a restricted budget.
A composite door has the same high-quality appearance of wooden doors however, it is typically more affordable. Composite doors are also available in a wide variety of styles and designs that match your preferences and specific design elements of your house.

The advantages from composite doors for fire

There are numerous advantages of composite fire doors that go well beyond immediate safety aspect:

The materials that are fire-resistant are crucial to stop the spread of smoke and fire. A standard door allows the spread of fire through a structure quickly, while an insulated fire door can stop the spread of fire. Materials that are fire-resistant include glass, steel, aluminium and wood, making it attractive and also safe.

Fire doors made of composite are constructed of non-toxic, 100 percent recyclable materials. This means that even if they do ignite they will not release harmful gasses.

The installation of a fire door should not mean that you will have to sacrifice the design and appearance of your workplace or house. There is a variety of colors and styles that are available that allow you to think about design and security.

In light of these advantages A composite fire door is something you should consider for your home. And it is essential to be aware that it is legally required for commercial and residential buildings.

Speak to the experts

If you require help in choosing the best door to fit your commercial or home property, contact our team. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with us to discuss your needs and we’ll assist you to determine the door the best fit for your needs and design. It will also protect you from fire in the event of a fire breaking out.