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What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

The gas safety certificate, sometimes referred in the form of gas safety certification (CP12) is a form that must be filled out after the gas safety test is performed for gas-powered appliances.

What does a record of gas safety reveal?

A brief description of all equipment that has been evaluated
The results of gas safety tests have been conducted on all appliances
Any safety concerns which have been discovered through the inspections
What needs to be done to fix problems and increase safety?
The information of the engineer responsible for the checks, as well as their signature as well as the date that the work was completed.
The details of the property as well as the landlord (if the rental is made)

Landlords are also legally required to ensure that the pipework of their property is safe. The majority of gas safety records contain a section that allows engineers to document their findings from tests performed on the pipework’s integrity to show whether the pipework is in good condition.

In the case of a gas leak the situation, a gas safety certificate could have to be legal, however we’d recommend it regardless.

For Landlords

A gas safety certificate is legally required to be maintained by landlords of rental properties within the UK with gas appliances installed. A gas safety inspection is required to be conducted by a registered gas safe engineer each year, with the completion of a record on gas safety and then a copy given for tenants to be returned within the 28-day period following inspections being completed.

For Homeowners

If you’re the homeowner, you’re not legally required to maintain a safety record. However, it’s highly recommended to have all of your gas appliances maintained every year by a licensed gas Safety Engineer. It is important to request an official copy of your gas safety certificate after they’ve completed their task. In the majority of cases they’ll give you an original copy however you must inquire if they’re not forthcoming since it’s always beneficial to have one.

To learn more about the reasons you require an experienced Gas Safe Engineer perform any work within your property , get to us today for a consultation with our experts.