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Reasons To Choose An Ionian Sailing Holiday

With its protected islands, crystal-clear waters as well as steady winds and the sort of scenery that was featured in Mamma Mia. Mamma Mia films, the Ionian is a breathtaking region of the Mediterranean and is certainly one of the top sailing regions in the world. It’s no wonder that it is a magnet for so many returning visitors year after year. With endless than a few unspoiled bays and beautiful harbours to explore on each visit The Ionian continues to impress. Inspiring by Ancient Greek history and home to the classic tastes of tangy tzatziki, along with refreshingly cool Mythos beer, there’s a lot to appreciate about this gem of a spot.

We are of the opinion that with some amazing sailing, it is impossible to get it wrong at this location. If you’re an entire family that wants to take your kids to an exciting but ultimately relaxing vacation, then this is the place for you. To ensure that the planning of your holiday is easy we’ve provided some suggestions!

When should I go and for how long? take to sail?

The season to sail Ionian generally runs from April through October, giving you seven months to pick from, and a different experience every month. The beginning of the season is a season when locals seem to be welcoming after an absence of tourists for the winter and summer brings hot, long summer days that are accompanied by a welcoming sea temperature. Autumn also brings warm waters with smaller boats. In addition, the school holidays are the time when we offer our incredibly informal flotilla aid. The flotilla is run to accommodate couples and families or anyone looking for a relaxed vacation. Our help is provided by our crew leader in harbour every evening, finding the ideal moorings, offering tips on weather conditions and much more… In the event that you’re a skipper with a certificate but with your family, you lack experience, then an informal flotilla might be the right option for you.

If you’re not tied by school holiday schedules, take a look at the mid-season months of June and September. Expect walls-to-wall sunshine, constant winds and picturesque bays with secluded beaches and the legendary Greek hospitality.

In terms of the length of a sailing vacation If you have the funds and the opportunity to extend your trip beyond 7 days , then you’ll not regret taking the boat to enjoy the benefits of a 10- or 14-day sailing vacation. Our exclusive 10-day charters will allow you to discover your groove during the initial couple of days, and then you can enjoy the remainder of your vacation unwinding. Insider tip: If you opt for a 10-day vacation or sail seven days from Wednesday to Wednesday, both options give you sailing during the weekend which is an excellent option to visit some of the most popular harbors during the most peaceful time of the week , when the majority of businesses have their shift-over days!

Which company should I select?

With hundreds , if perhaps thousands of charter firms located in the Mediterranean How do you choose which one to pick? Are you going to choose the largest firm with hundreds of boats spread across various bases? Do you go with the smaller personalized company that is able to know their boats by name? If you’re searching the web to find a quote for your sailing trip it is important to determine EXACTLY what’s included. Nobody wants to be charged at the end of a vacation that they didn’t expect therefore, make sure you discover the details of the price you are offered. You might find a boat with a surprisingly affordable price, but it is important to find out the reason. What other extras do you have to payfor? What is included in this price?

What yacht should I go for?

It varies greatly based on prior experience, number of passengers and, of course, budget. Selecting the right yacht for It can make or break your sailing trip if it is too big and you’ll be unable to maneuver close-quarters within the smaller Greek harbors, and possibly not be able to access moorings that smaller vessels could slide into, however too small and your entire experience will be hot, uncomfortable and far from the peaceful vacation you’d hoped for. It is recommended to consider adding an additional cabin to get away from your husband’s snoring , or simply to store things! Don’t compromise on heads. One head per couple gives you some privacy.

Insider tip: Choose the easiest alternative! Mast furling is an essential feature for anyone who is a first-timer and families looking for ample space in a small boat, twin helms with a large , drop-down bathing platform, both of which are often found on modern cruising yachts will make the cockpit an enjoyable living space.

Do I need a qualification?

It is the Greek Law is that the absolute minimum requirements to charter an yacht – whether it be bareboat or on flotilla the requirement is RYA Day Skipper, or ICC to sail. If you are a holder of one or the other or an equivalent certification recognized by the government and are an ideal candidate for a yacht with a barge charter in Greece or joining the flotilla in informal form.

How can I organize my journey?

It’s time to get into the fun part of planning your holiday: finding the hidden treasures in the Ionian! It’s not a secret that over the last few years this seemingly incomparable holiday spot has grown increasingly popular and you’ll understand the reason. Certain parts of the Ionian are yet quite far from the tourist route to offer an idyllic island lifestyle, while other regions have become more exclusive getaways.

The majority of sailing in the Southern Ionian is line of sight, which means you’ll be able to see all the islands you’re thinking of visiting quickly. It’s less that 10 miles to the islands with a variety of bays and harbours that are within a few miles of one another. The predominant air will be North Westerly which tends to be gentle early in the mornings at around force 2 and increase in the afternoons, reaching around force 4 to 6.

For the experienced Ionian sailors, you’ll realize that the weather here is extremely localized and while the process of planning a route is good and well, the majority of choices about which sailing route to take each day are best taken after you’ve looked over the direction of wind outside of the harbour. There is almost no sea in Greece and there are very few dangers to be aware of – aside from The Herimiti Shoal between Scorpios and Meganisi!