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Why Translate Your Website?

The digital age is here to remain. It’s almost impossible to imagine a normal life without using internet. Internet as a facilitator for our primary actions. We perform all sorts of things through it: We shop and work, study and learn more. We are connected through screens and the countless number of digital platforms that are available to us now. This explains why translating your website and making its content available to new audiences could be such a beneficial strategy for internationalisation.

A Context First

Recently, Statista, an online stats portal, released an article that explains the ways in which users of social media users has grown (and will continue to grow) globally between 2016 to 2023. According to the report, in 2021, there will be around 3.210 billion monthly active users, with the majority coming of them from Americas and Asian countries.

What is this saying? This means that we face an enormous task ahead. On the one hand, we have to be able to stand out from all the posts and searches. On the other hand to be able to reach your intended audience from all users on the Internet users. Therefore, managers must be aware of the behavior of Internet users who visit their sites and analyze the amount of users who are active on social media while conducting market analysis.

In this article, we will tell you the 5 benefits of doing this. What are we going to do?

Why should you translate your website?

1. The Website Translation Tool Increases the Chance of reaching more people

If you can translate your website into other languages, you’ll be able to increase the reach of your visitors. This is because people prefer websites that are accessible in their language of origin. A study conducted by CSA Research revealed that “76 percent of shoppers who shop online prefer purchasing products in their own language”. However it was found that “60 percent of people rarely or never purchase from websites that are exclusively English-only.”

These numbers show that having your site translated into various languages will aid in increasing the number of visitors who visit the site. This means you improve your chances of obtaining more sales.

2. The Website Translation Enhances User Experience

Today, businesses must be aware of the user experience when browsing their sites.

What’s the matter? It’s about how a user feels while browsing your blog, page or other communication channels. Anyone who visits your site is there in order to fulfill a requirement. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges when creating content is to pay attention to every detail. From the language you use to the amount of time it takes for different pages to be loaded. This is due to how people want solutions that can be found quickly and quickly.

However Imagine that someone who visits your site, but is unable to comprehend your website’s content since it’s not in their native language. Perhaps they only comprehend a small portion of it. This person is likely to be an eventual (but undiscovered) user, customer, or reader.

We’ve already observed that customers prefer buying items from websites that are translated into their native language. The study conducted by CSA Research also revealed that: “Seventy-five per cent of respondents claim that they are more likely to buy from the same brand when customer service is provided in their native language. This is especially true for those who are less proficient in English. However, even 60 percent of those most comfortable understanding English prefer having customer service in their native language.”

3. Website Translation enables you to better connect with your clients or readers

The most important thing to be thinking about when communicating is the intended audience. While these are terms that we read and hear every day, there are times that our daily routines or absence of time can distract us and make us forget about the topic. Knowing who your audience is helps you to understand how to communicate effectively with them. Furthermore, it allows you to determine which are the most effective solutions you can provide to your customers and via what channels. Here’s a fact to remember Communication isn’t just about giving information. It is also about knowing how to comprehend your audience and build a relationship with them.

The majority of websites are translated literal. This means that you do not think about which words your target audience is using the most or which one would be the most suitable. So, if you wish to connect with your customers or readers, you’ll need to communicate with them in their native language. Apple is an example, one of the top technology companies, realized that its customers were global. This is why the website is now available in more than 130 languages.

It doesn’t mean that you have to make your site available in all of these languages. However, it does mean that you should consider the location of your visitors to choose which languages you wish to translate your site into.

4. The translation of your website can improve your SEO Ranking

Enhancing your SEO rank is about creating “tweaks” on your site to allow search engines to better comprehend it. In the end, you’ll rank as one of the top websites when someone searches for information related to your services or content. To achieve this it is essential to improve the performance of your website by focusing on various aspects. These include making meta descriptions, naming every section of your site in a different way, making it concise and informative, and making use of titles that relate to your website, to mention some.

Keep in mind! First of all it is that people prefer websites that are in their native language. Additionally, a great user experience is built on providing the user with what they want. Also, it is essential to communicate in the same language of your customers. In light of this the translation of your website is efficient way to improve your SEO and connect with new customers.

5. The translation of your website can improve your brand’s Image

Websites that have been translated into various languages are more trustworthy. People are more likely to consider companies with an international presence as more prominent. This is due to the fact that they be more accessible to a wider audience or have many customers.

In the same way the translation of your website’s content into various languages will show that you are concerned about the people who visit your site. Because your content will be accessible, it will be easily understood by people from various countries.

Final Thoughts

The Internet is a symbol of globalization. In the flash of an eye, users from all over the globe can visit your site. So, if you’d like to connect with a larger number of users or clients and increase sales, then translating your site is essential. Remember! The machine translation software won’t suffice.