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Why You Should Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

The first Friday of March marks Employee Appreciation Day. It is a day to celebrate employees all over the world. The idea behind it was to draw the attention of employersin all sectors -on recognition of employees. What does recognizing your employees actually mean?

We’re aware that employees are a business’s most valuable asset. When employees feel like their company is concerned about their wellbeing They’re 38 percent more productive as well as 18 percent more inclined to be willing to go the extra mile. When managers or managers express gratitude, thank you and show appreciation with cheers and celebrations, employees’ engagement and job satisfaction rise.

Three reasons to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

1. A bit of recognition can make a huge difference

Employee recognition on employee appreciation day 2023 doesn’t have to be a standard for all. It could be a motivator for an employee who is a star, but the team’s happy hour to celebrate an excellent job might encourage an additional. However that most employees need to be aware that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated in a way that drives high performance. According to an analysis done by Gallup more than 80 percent of the employees who were who were included in the study say that recognition is a motivator for their work. Additionally, employees who feel they are not appreciated are twice as likely to be fired.

How can you award employees with public acknowledgement:

Send out a team-wide email to thank an employee on the job they did well.
Tell a story of employee success during a team-building meeting
Create a list of your company’s successes within the company that you can present at your next corporate meeting.

2. The retention of employees is crucial to the success of your business

Excellent employees aren’t easy to find. If you lose them it could be costly for profits. To keep your best employees, they should feel respected, valued and have a an actual meaning. This is directly related to employee engagement – the strong connection and feeling of purpose in work which generates more enthusiasm and motivation. When employees feel valued by their employer, they’re 17 per cent more likely to be at work in the next year. To improve retention of employees, you must focus on the employees’ satisfaction and wellbeing Always make sure your employees are the first priority.

Methods to increase retention of employees by rewarding them:

Instruct employees to have an an extended lunch break in order to recharge
Provide work-from-home hours
Invite your employee to an event they would like to attend for personal or professional growth
Provide a free financial session or a yoga class

3. If employees feel appreciated -above their bosses -they are more motivated to work

The recognition or reward given to employees by their supervisor is an aspect. When employees feel as if they’re making an contribution to the company with gratitude from a colleague or client, or even an executive and feel more appreciated. Employees who are able to see the outcomes of their work and are reminded of the importance of their work and will be more motivated to work.

We’ve seen that when companies invest in the wellbeing of its employees, they’re more enthusiastic. A more engaged workforce will result in better business performance. A study conducted by Harvard Business School, researchers discovered that employees feel irritated when their bosses don’t thank you or show gratitude for their efforts. Rewarding employees for their achievements or small gestures of appreciation for good work reinforce the accomplishments of employees which encourages them to work harder.

How do you motivate employees to show appreciation:

Design jobs that satisfy and continue to provide support for the organization
Give them opportunities to grow, like the possibility of putting them on a major project or having them participate in strategic decision-making
Meet for coffee with your employees to talk about their individual goals, so that they’re aware that you’re interested in their professional and personal success.