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Cookware Buying Guide

The best cookware is among the most beneficial investments you could make, however there are so many options and deciding on the best one can be a challenge. First thing you need to decide is the type of cooking style you’d like to cook, the number of people you’re most likely to prepare for, and your expertise level. The best way to start is by selecting the basic components before adding the specific pans to suit your needs.

Kinds of Cookware

The first thing you need to be looking for when searching for new cookware is varieties of cookware that are offered. If you’re a novice, you’ll most likely require effective and affordable solutions to your cooking requirements. Let’s get started with the basics. When choosing new cookware, there are four primary elements to take into consideration such as a stock pot and fry pan, saute pan and lastly the saucepan.

Stock Pot

It is the Stockpot is a huge deep, deep-sided pot that has flat bottom. It can be used to cook liquids which do not require to be placed close to the source of heat. Stockpots can be used to saut√© or brown food, then add liquids while making soups, stocks or stews. The tall profile of these pots is great to keep pasta submerged while boiling. The particular pot is available in several sizes. It’s important to remember that having a variety of sizes is helpful when cooking for an intimate or a large number of people.

Fry Pan / Skillet

The fry pan, also known as a skillet is a must-have kitchen appliance and could be among the most flexible cookware pieces you’ll have. Flipping omelets, stirring fry, or even searing meats is simple with the correct fry pan. They are made with flat bottoms and curved sides, which makes them ideal for flipping food items over or simmering in oils. How hot are they? It depends on the materials your pan is constructed of. Nonstick cookware should be used at moderate or low temperatures to keep their coating and high-temperature is the best to use stainless steel. The frypans and skillets are available in a variety of sizes (yes they even have ones designed for eggs that are only one) and usually don’t have lids.

Cast Iron Skillet

Another type of skillet is cast iron skillets. Cast Iron Skillets have a similar design to fry pans but their main distinction is in the treatment and the material they are constructed from. Since they are made from cast iron, they can be quite heavy. The best recommendation for those who have never used a skillet is to visit and test a skillet before purchasing. When choosing an Cast Iron Skillet, be sure it’s pre-seasoned. The issue with skillets which aren’t pre-seasoned is that food particles will adhere to it.

Saute Pan

Saute Pans Saute Pan is intended to be used for sauteing, which can translate into being able to cook food and move it quickly around within the pan, all being covered by lids. Saute pans are comparable to fry pans in regards to design. They also have a flat base however the primary difference between saute and fry pans is that, instead having rounded sides saute pans feature straight sides. Because they are more substantial than fry pans saute pans are utilized for a variety of purposes apart from sauteing. One of them is deep-frying, searing and making certain sauces like marinara.

Sauce Pan

Sauce Pan Sauce Pan has a rounded base and long, straight sides. They are an extremely versatile cookware option and can be used for making a variety of soups and sauces. They can be used without or with lids to prevent the loss of liquid, which is one reason why they are the most popular choice in every kitchen. A sauce pan is suitable for a variety of other purposes including reheating leftovers, cooking grains to boiling noodles or eggs.

If you’re ready to add to your collection of cookware, it is advisable to think about the pieces like braiser pans, wok, or a griddle. These are pieces that should be included in accordance with your personal preferences and cooking preferences. Don’t be intimidated of mixing pieces of different materials.

Braiser Pan

Braiser pans, also known as Braisers, are a wide flat bottomed pan that has an lid that locks in moisture. This creates the Braiser Pan multi-functional and is a fantastic accessory in any home collection. They are able to cook meals on a stove top or slow cook foods using the oven. Certain braiser pans are made to serve food right at the table after the food has been cooked, naturally!

Griddle/Grill Pan

A griddle is a type of cookware with large flat or ridged surface. With just a little of oil, it can be employed to make breakfast dishes like Hash Browns and pancakes or eggs. It could be round or square however it is not equipped with the long handle of fry pans. Griddles are also known as Grill Pans with an angled surface that is ideal when trying to make the ideal grilling marks.


Woks are high and have sloped sides, and are a very popular multi-purpose Asian pan. They’re typically 14 inches wide and are made of carbon steel. They have the hot cooking surface at the bottom, and are cooler on the sides. In addition the ability to move ingredients within the pan offers an excellent control and flexibility over the temperature. Woks are ideal for stir-frying or steaming, as well as deep frying.

Are You Ready to Complete Your Collection?

In light of the fact that you’ve found yourself enthralled by great food and excellent cookware and cookware, it’s the perfect time to add some special items for your kitchen. You can make a myriad of tasty dishes and recipes using specialty pieces such as roasters, pressure cookers, Dutch or French ovens and much more. There are endless possibilities!