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Nine Reasons to Raise Alpacas

What inspired us to start raising alpacas? We were captivated by them, and with the lifestyle of the alpaca! There are many more reasons to consider starting the alpaca farming business… Here are nine reasons!

1. Love of the Animals

As I mentioned that we were captivated by the animals! When we first visited the alpaca farm, and saw those beautiful animals it was an instant love affair! There is a calmness to these gentle creatures with their elegant long necks, huge eyes with long, luscious lashes and soft sounding. Alpacas continue to captivate us, and are a dream for those who have “taken risk.”

2. The Luxury Fiber Lover

When I was sorting through the pile of fiber that we had collected after our first shearing, was adamant about learning how to make use of this exquisite fiber. It’s very high-end super silky, luxurious, luxurious and silky. Although it is similar to sheep’s wool it isn’t too prickly or lanolin-free which makes alpaca fiber hypoallergenic.

The fiber can be purchased in its raw form to be spun, then carded to create yarn. It can also be crocheted knitted, or weaved into numerous items, or felted. The possibilities are limitless!

3. The Need of a Rural Lifestyle

The presence of alpacas is an incentive to go outside and enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate the beauty around us. Although we are located near a major road but there’s something more relaxing about living on a farm, bringing up animals, tending to their basic needs as they rely on us for that and, sometimes, getting dirty. It’s more peaceful. I am awestruck by the beauty of nature around us and sitting in my window to see alpacas roaming in the fields makes it more pleasurable. Alpacas tend to be gentle curious creatures that inspire us to stop and observe and take in their beauty.

4. It’s a Great Family Endeavor

A farming operation of all kinds is a way to teach children responsibility and responsibility, and alpacas do well with children. When guests come to visit to visit, we recommend they sit down so that they appear smaller in size, as alpacas are less frightened by children, and more apt to interact with them. There are many ways for children to help look after the alpacas. From filling buckets with water, scooping up poop, or the halter training…there is always something that they can assist. The simple act of assigning chores to your children will teach them the importance of work and responsibility that they will carry into adulthood. In addition they will cherish the bonds they form with alpacas!

5. Easy to Maintain

In comparison with other animals on farms Alpacas are low-maintenance. They also are able to adapt to a variety of climates and types of weather. If you have a single an acre in land you could comfortably house six to 10 alpacas. Alpacas require regular feeds and access to plenty of fresh water, in addition to protection from weather. They are most likely to spend their time grazing on the grass. Also, make plans for annually shearing, deworming and trimming toenails, as well as occasionally teeth trimming and annual vaccinations.

6. Alpacas Provide Stress Relief

While alpacas may exhibit peculiar behaviors, like spitting out when they’re not happy the more and more people are choosing to rear them since they’re simple to take care of well-mannered, clever, and clean. The time spent with alpacas is relaxing and ideal for letting go of all the worries of this world!

7. Alpacas can be trained

Alpacas are the perfect animal for training with the halter and the lead. Although they can be a bit frightened at first I’m always amazed at how quickly weanlings begin to be confident and learns after halter training has begun and how fast they become confident and follow through with what being asked to do. Alpacas are able to navigate obstacles courses, walk over bridges, over teeter-totters as well as through streamers and even crawling into and out of minivans!

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8. Alpaca Manure is Great Fertilizer

We love using the poop from alpacas as fertilizer! My opinion is that the smell isn’t as intense as cow manure but our plants are growing like crazy! We transfer it right out from the pasture and into the gardens. Free fertilizer is an excellent perk for alpacas.

9. The Most Cute Babies Ever

One of the best joys of raising alpacas is having newborns, also known as Crias. The anticipation of waiting for a full year waiting for their birth and asking whether my Alpaca pregnant brings the excitement of this special moment. Being able to witness their birth is memorable and watching them play in the fields makes me smile on my face. Females can be bred only once every year, and they are gestational for 242-345 days. Being with animals at the time they’re crias make the perfect owner/animal bond and builds trust…and the pups are just so adorable!

Alpacas tend to be herds of animals, so it’s not possible to have only one You’ll have to own at minimum two. This is a wonderful aspect because they don’t require us. If your pet has at least one other pet there’s no need to worry about getting enough time or keeping them amused. Get them some friends and they’ll be fine.