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Should I Buy A Caravan Air Awning?

Inflatable caravan air awnings are becoming more and more popular, are they really the best option in comparison to a traditional pole awning?

How long can an inflatable Air Awning?

The first company to come up with the idea of an inflatable awning was Vango and the Air Beam concept.

The design of the air tubes is built on canvas outer materials and an extremely dense PVC inside tube. You might be wondering how long it will last. PVC air tube that can withstand punctures, for example?

Based on the feedback I’ve received from guests, it’s quite solid. I’ve had only one guest tell me about the beam had a slow leak.

But, it was an old purchase on eBay and that’s what comes with the area. They were successful in resolving the issue however, fairly quickly.

For those who bought their inflatable air awnings at the time of purchase from new, I haven’t had any horror stories about air beams that leak.

One thing I know is that air awnings made of inflatable are far superior at handling the winds.

Air awnings for caravans that are inflatable are superior at handling the rumblings of wind.

A typical pole-awning (depending on the model and the way it was set up) the poles could be moved out of their position.

But inflatable caravan awnings simply move with the wind, and then snap back into place!

This doesn’t mean I do not recommend good weather straps as well as pegs that ensure that the awning stays in place.

Do Inflatable Air Awnings Weight More?

It is something that couple of guests who have an air awning inflatable have expressed their opinions on. It is true that an air awning weighs more than a traditional pole awning.

The reason for this is the ‘all in one’ design that an air-based awning. For a pole awning there are two bags. One bag contains the fabric for the awning and another for the poles.

For the air-awning it’s only one thing, but there’s more PVC/fabric involved.

In general, an air awning that is inflatable does weigh more than an ordinary bag for awnings.

Can a person set up an Inflatable Air Awning All on Their Own?

This follows quite well from the question that was asked earlier. Air awnings that are inflatable can be simpler to install by yourself.

But, the extra weight of an air awning inflatable should be considered. Be sure to lift it with your legs, not your back.

Based on the model and the manufacturer the awning will have an air valve on each pole, or one Air value (cross-beam). I’ve heard jokes from friends about an awning being a ‘divorce-in-a-bag’.

If you’re looking to build an air awning of your own, you must look for a cross beam design.

With a cross beam awning, it’s a matter of placing it in the right place by connecting it to an air value. After a couple of pumps and your awning is in place and divorce is avoided!

To make it simpler for a single person to put up an awning, you might think about an easy Awning Pulle

Tips: One of the most difficult aspects of setting an awning on your own is putting it on the rail. You might be inclined to apply a little of WD40 or another similar product to grease the rail.

But, WD40 or detergents could actually alter the weatherproofing of the material of the awning.

So, buying a tiny container of the lubricant for awnings is an ideal choice. If properly lubricated it is feasible for a single individual to drag the awning along the railing of the caravan.

How often do you need to Pump Up Your Inflatable Awning?

If you have it set up properly Once you’ve got it set up correctly, you won’t need to take the pump out every now and then. I’ve seen guests who check the pressure of their air beams every week, and maybe an occasional pump.

The majority of manufacturers, like Kampa, suggest a pressure between 8-11 psi.

If the poles appear to be falling, it’s usually not due to a crack in the beam of air, but rather an unfitting. The tubes are usually dark gray that have cross-beam awnings which join the air poles together.

In the course of storage, packing and assembly could be damaged or ruined. Kampa offers a two-year guarantee for the air poles. It is possible to fix the beams using an approved adhesive and tape kit.

It is crucial that the beams of air in the awning do not come under pressure that is too high.

Does an Air Awning Expand when the Temperature of the Air Increases?

It’s a sensible one, since you do not wish to be able to make a huge crash as the sun sets and you can see your air canopy in the ground!

Kampa which is one of the most popular manufacturers of air awnings, says temperature rise isn’t an issue.

According to the guidelines, the suggested inflation pressure is between 8-11psi. However, they can be tested up to 22psi. Kampa offers a graph to show the relation between pressure and temperature.

The chart of pressure Kampa employs to illustrate the connection between temperature and changes in pressure.

In the UK, at times, even during summer, temperatures over thirty degrees Celsius is not a common event.

If you start at 20°C and the temperature rises to 30 degrees in the following couple of days, that’s not more than 1psi of pressure change.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your inflatable awning popping during hot summer days. So, there aren’t any pressure relief valves installed.

This will only increase the expense and add another possibility of a leak.

Can I Use An Electric Pump To Raise An Inflatable Awning?

The majority of inflatable air awnings manufacturers either offer an automatic pump in the purchase, or provide an option to purchase one as an accessory.

If you use a manual pump, it can take a minute or for it to reach the pressure required, but it’s not too demanding. Some people might be interested in an electric pump to perform the job for them.

A few of the inflatable air awning companies have the pumps themselves, that are set to pressures of 11psi. Do you have a personal pump?

Only when you are able to set the pressure of the pump. It isn’t a good idea to use the electric motor that is going to continue to try to increase pressure until it explodes!

It is possible to cause damage to the awning, which could cause the warranty to be voided.

It is not recommended to make use of a 12V compressor to fill an air awning, unless you are able to limit your pressure down to 11psi.

The majority of our customers opt to buy Kampa Air awnings. Kampa is a well-known brand on the market for outdoor leisure and they also offer an array of well-known caravan kettles.

While Vango first came up with the idea and is a major player in the market for inflatable tents however, Kampa seems to be ruling the market for inflatable caravan awnings.

Are there other brands Of Inflatable Air Awnings?

In addition to Kampa, there are inflatable air awnings that are offered by companies like Quest, SunnCamp, Outwell, Outdoor Revolution and, of course, Vango.

Conclusions On The Inflatable Caravan Air Awning

After preparing this article and the comments I’ve received from my guests I believe that air awnings are a possibility to consider for a lot of people.

I believe that the place the best way to showcase air awnings is in larger configurations that have numerous porches and annexes.

This is why putting an awning that is based on poles can be quite a problem. It is also possible to fix an air awning in the event that your air awning develops a leak.