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What Exactly Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are small pieces fragranced wax, usually designed with stunning shapes, colors and sizes. They are placed on upper part of the oil burner , release an amazing aroma to the space. In contrast to candles, you can not directly ignite wax melts since they do not come with the flame. Based on the form they take, they’re often referred to as cubes or wax tarts however, that ours are shaped like adorable hearts that are green.

Candles use the flame of their wicks that they have lit to melt the wax melting waxes don’t have wicks and must be heated by the oil burning. Small , but powerful Our wax melts are made from a very fragrant soy wax blend that guarantees lasting fragrance release.

Popular, simple to use and inexpensive they can be a fantastic method to add fragrance to your home.

How do you use Wax Melts?

For using wax melts, you’ll require an oil burner to warm them and cause the melts to melt, and release their scent. You can add a few wax melts, based on how strong you prefer your scent, to the reservoir on near the bottom of your burner.

In the event that you’re running an electrical flame then follow the directions to turn it on. If you’re using an oil burner with a tea light put a tea light within the recess on the lower part of the burner, and then light it up. The heat generated by that flame will slowly melt the wax and release the aroma.

If you’d like to stop the release of fragrance simply let the flame go out, or turn off the electric burner.

How Long Does The Wax Melts Last?

The time the melts last is dependent on the size and quantity of melts that are used. Our containers contain 50 melts that can last up to 100 hours of scent. If you have melted wax in the burner’s reservoir after using it, you could keep it in the reservoir and reuse next time, thus prolonging the lifespan of melts.

If you are melting wax be sure to read the safety directions of the burner you’re employing to find any guidelines on the length of time that the burner can be used safely – Some advise against using more than the time limit at a time.

Do Wax Melts lose their scent if Aren’t Used?

As with many perfumed products that are fragranced, leaving your wax melts unopened for a prolonged time may affect their fragrance and efficiency. We suggest using our wax melts in the first 12 months from the date of purchase to ensure the most pleasant fragrance experience.

If you plan to store your melts of wax for a few months, we recommend storing them in a dry, cool area far from direct sunlight and fluorescent light to avoid negative impact of temperature or light to the melting wax.

What can you do with the old Wax Melts?

After a while, that your melts begin to lose their scent and will require changing to fresh ones. Prior to adding fresh melts, or altering the scent it is recommended to take out any old melts from the Oil Burner.

Wait till the oil and Oil Burner have fully cooled before beginning to clean. The cooling wax disk could be removed from the reservoir, and then removed or, if you have more old melts of wax make use of a spoon to carefully remove the remaining wax. Clean up any remaining wax remnants with soapy water that is warm and soapy and allow your Oil Burner to air dry before you can use it again.

How do you change Wax Melts?

Follow the steps to remove old melts of wax from your oil Burner Allow to cool before taking out the wax disk or employ an empty spoon to scoop up the remaining wax that is more difficult to remove. After the majority of wax is removed then wash off any leftover remains with soapy water and a non-abrasive , soft sponge. Once your Oil Burner has been cleaned and dry you can add new wax melts into the reservoir to the top, and then continue to enjoy your favorite scents.