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Best Reasons To Work As A Camp Counselor In The USA

Best. Summer. Ever.

Being an instructor at camp Y is more than earning a salary to babysit kids for the duration of summer long (though it’s always an added benefit!). If you’re looking for an employment opportunity that makes this the best summer you’ve ever had you should look no further. There are five reasons you should become the camp counselor this summer.

1. Work is play

Are you bored of your summer job? Do you not want to be in the office all summer long working? Being a camp director allows you to get out in the sun to enjoy fun outdoor activities and be an adult again! The summer camp program is packed with many different activities each day, meaning there’s no boring moment. Camp is an experience that you can enjoy every day and in this case as a teacher whose you can truly play!

2. Enhance Your Resume

One myth that is associated with counselors at camps is that they’re only good for people who are who are pursuing education or similar careers. Being a counselor at camp allows you to develop the skills of collaboration, leadership, organizational planning responsible, creative, and so many more. Whatever you’re pursuing, or what area of work you’re interested in These skills are certain to be prominent on your resume. A study conducted in the American Camp Association found that after a survey of 193 camp counselors at the conclusion of their camp sessions 65 percent of them said that new career opportunities were opened for their. For those who are still at high school, 74% of them said they were college-ready prior to – and all thanks to just a few days of camp!

3. Create a role model

Are you looking for a job that makes you feel like you’re making an impact? As a camp counselor USA, you’re acting as a role model for children during the summer months and providing them with a safe place to reach out to you and rely on you for any issue. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing a child say to that you “I wish to be like you when I’m older.”

4. Create New Friendships

Another benefit of being a counselor at summer camp? The other fantastic counselors that you will meet on your journey! You’ll get to spend time with people who are like-minded throughout the summer and create many wonderful memories. Also, nothing draws people closer than collaboration to get together 20 insane kids! At the end of the summer wondering if it’s finished, and with plenty of new friends.

5. Find Your Future

We’ll be honest – being a counselor at camp can be a difficult job at times. Camp counselors have to step outside of the comfort zone and confront many challenging situations. You can bet that at the end of camp, you’ll be able to master numerous new techniques and gained a feeling of confidence that you did not have prior to. Explore new things. Challenge yourself. Find your strengths. You can be a camp director!