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Why More Events Than Ever Are Using Temporary Structures

In 2022 temporary structures and buildings were utilized in a range of events throughout the UK. In the famous Glastonbury music festival in the UK, these temporary structures were used to house everything from dressing rooms to ticket offices, to first aid facilities and lost and tents that were found. It is possible to argue that, without the use of high-quality temporary structures, it was a bigger undertaking to put together the festival.

This pattern is repeating it across all kinds of events, from air shows and festivals of film to fairs and horticulture events. There’s now a wide number of events that are dependent in temporary construction. What has triggered this change in the usage of non-permanent structures?

Temporary Structures have been improved

It wasn’t long ago that organizing any event within the UK in winter meant that you required a venue. The idea of using any kind of tent or cabin that was temporary could lead to issues with leaks, or even parts of the structure shaking in the winds. Recent developments have allowed temporary structures to better resemble permanent structures using durable materials in the design. This has made it possible for the winter months and December to be a time when it is used more often for occasions. Health and safety standards are higher now, meaning that event organizers can more easily use temporary structures without fear.


Organising your event within a metropolitan area such as London or Manchester offers you many places and spaces which are specifically designed and suitable for just about everything you’ll need. There are however a myriad of reasons that it may not be practical or feasible to host events in the cities. Costs could be prohibitive, and you might require some kind of venue that could only be offered by huge fields. Space in cities is at an expensive price, so it’s usually a better option to rent the space and then construct temporary structures.

Weather-related considerations

It’s a sad reality that whenever you’re organizing an event within the UK regardless of the season it is essential be ready for the weather to be unpredictable. Although outdoor events can be great if the weather is favorable but if it changes, it’s essential to have a shelter. With temporary structures equipped to offer an effective protection against elements, they can be an excellent addition.

Potential for Branding

Another benefit temporary structures offer is the possibility of branding. For instance, any temporary structures that you employ could be designed with branding to promote your event. A few of the well-known examples is branded inflatable structures that can be utilized as pop-up venues or covers for an event that is larger. With custom, distinctive designs, these structures are highly attractive and are a perfect method of advertising for your company.

A Space Need

One of the most difficult issues that event organizers face is to predict precisely the amount of space required for everyone taking part. But, there’s an additional question of the number of venues needed to host the event. In simple conferences, you may only require one venue In any case that you will have several presentations or events taking place simultaneously, it could be necessary to construct temporary event structures to keep them distinct.

There is also the need to think about issues like the catering area and storage space which may require their own structures to ensure they are not contaminated by the other areas of the event.


It’s important to remember that using temporary structures may give the event more flexibility. If you are hiring an permanent venue for instance it could be challenging for or even impractical to create adjustments if you find that there are more people to attend than you originally believed. If you are using temporary structures or buildings, you can alter the structure you are hiring or purchasing to accommodate the requirements of the occasion. This also means that there’s no reason to invest in a large event space that you don’t really require.