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Driving the Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is arguably the most sought-after van available on the market. The compact, one-tonne panel van has the distinction of being the first one that has the full 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP.

Ford Transit Range

The Ford Transit Custom was introduced in 2013, but received the facelift in 2018 The Ford Transit Custom forms part of the Ford Transit range, which was broken down into segments that reflect the various capacities of vans. For payloads of up to 625kg, there’s a Ford Transit Courier. If you’re looking to carry up to 950kg, Ford Transit Connect Ford Transit Connect would be the best option. Its Ford Transit Custom can accommodate loads up to 1500kg subject to specifications. For loads that exceed 1500kg, you should consider the fully-fat Ford Transit van would be the ideal choice.

The brand new Ford Transit Custom

But, returning towards this: the Ford Transit Custom. In a bid to meet all the different needs feasible, Ford vans offer a range of wheelbases, sizes, and models. Ford Transit Custom is a panel van is available in 2 lengths (L1 L1, 2) with two levels (H1 H1 and H2) and there’s also crew Cab (or Double Cab-in Van, as Ford vans refer to this) and kombi versions.

Ford Transit Custom features Ford’s “kinetic design” style which is borrowed from the company’s passenger car line. It’s not the only thing that’s borrowed from the car range of the company and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the interior that’s inside is that of a Ford Focus car. With regards to driving performance and comfort this Ford Transit Custom is probably the most car-like vehicle on the market.

The Ford Transit Custom

Ford Transit Custom offers a selection of two drivetrains, either all-wheel drive or front. According to Ford vans, the Ford Transit Custom is developed to replicate the simple-to-drive style of the passenger car lineup. The responsive steering, the impressive handling and superb suspension means it’s the Ford Transit Custom is easy to steer and maneuver even on the most challenging roads.

There’s just one engine powering the Ford Transit Custom, a 2.0-litre TDCi Euro 6 compliant diesel engine available in three different power outputs: 105PS, 130PS, and 179PS. It’s the Ford Transit Custom’s running expenses are affordable due to each engine achieving at least 40mpg, as per Ford’s own official numbers. The Ford Transit Custom comes with an automatic gearbox with six speeds and a Stop/Start system that boosts fuel efficiency.

Utilizing this method, you can get the Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom sets the standard from the beginning as the only vehicle in its class that is able to take three Euro pallets that are a metre high load.

A well-thought-out bulkhead can house an opening for loading through to accommodate large and bulky items. The Ford Transit Custom has enough space between the wheel arches as well as from the floor of the load up to the roof to carry 8×4 sheets of plasterboard. Other features for cargo areas include anchor points and tie-downs that ensure your cargo and passengers are safe as well as models that are above Base. an extremely durable and hardwearing floor liner that is easy to clean to facilitate simple cleaning.

Every Ford Transit Custom models have the tall, wide sliding side doors as standard for easy access. The doors at the rear open up to 180 degrees and have latches that can be secured to keep the doors when they are turned 90°.