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Understanding What’s Involved With A Gastric Sleeve

A bariatric procedure, such as the gastric sleeve, assists thousands of people each year to shed excess weight and reverse obesity-related health issues. While this surgical procedure can save lives and provides advantages that go beyond losing weight, it is not without dangers that patients must be aware of.

Advantages of the Gastric Sleeve

1. Weight Loss

The most important reason why most people decide to use the gastric sleeve is the desire to lose weight. In the average, patients lose between 60 and 70% in excess weight within the initial 6 and 24 months after gastric Sleeve surgery. We have also observed patients who go over this and lose even more.

As compared to the gastric band the gastric sleeve offers more weight loss. The reason for this is two factors:

The stomach’s capacity by 80 percent so patients are able to eat more by eating a smaller amount of food.

The hormone responsible for hunger, Gherlin is eliminated. This means that patients will not be as hungry throughout the day. And it also eliminates cravings for sweet or sugary food.

2. Reduced Health Conditions

As evidenced by the pandemic of covid-19 in 2020, being overweight poses increased risk for our general health. The people who are overweight have a higher chance to develop ailments of the heat, such as

Type 2 diabetes
High blood pressure
Sleep Apnoea
Joint pain
High cholesterol
Greater risk of developing cancer
Risk of stroke is high

Weight loss surgery such as the gastric sleeve may help decrease the risk of contracting them and may even reverse certain. There have been many cases of patients who becoming free of their diabetes medications when they began losing weight.

3. Better fertility

A high weight can lead to hormone imbalances in women , which influence ovulation. This could result in a difficult time getting pregnant. There’s also the possibility that having a greater BMI increases the chance of developing a health issue such as PCOS (polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). We are aware that PCOS can cause weight loss that is challenging and can seem like a endless cycle.

Just 10% of excess weight can decrease PCOS and, with the gastric sleeves having the potential to reduce excess weight of 60-70percent, it’s not a surprise that this procedure assists a lot of women to increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

4. Improved Mental Health

5. The Life Expectancy of People is Increasing

Studies have proven that those who undergo surgical weight reduction, such as the gastric sleeve shed weight and maintain it, that can add 10 years to their lives.

The risks associated with the Gastric Sleeve

As with all surgeries that involves operative procedures, there are long-term risks and complications that come with gastric sleeve surgery for obesity however, when handled by an experienced surgeon the procedure is safe and the risks involved with it are low. The procedure itself is straightforward because it does not require any cutting or connecting of the bowels unlike other weight-loss procedures, such as gastric bypass. this is evident in its lower rate of early complications of just 3% and a relatively low rate of mortality of 0.1 to 0.5 percent (1 in 1000 to 5 out of 1000).

The risks of gastric sleeves include

The risks associated with gastric sleeves are:

Haemorrhage (bleeding)
The leaks are caused by staple lines that lead to an infection
Anaesthesia can cause adverse reactions, and / or medications

The blood clots (Deep vein thrombosis within the legs, or Pulmonary embolus in the lungs)
Longer-term, potential nutritional deficiency
Marginal ulcer
A narrowing of the stomach

If you’re interested in finding out the gastric sleeve cost or for more information on a gastric procedure, such as The gastric band or gastric sleeves or gastric bypass, or ESG. Contact our knowledgeable team right now to schedule an appointment for a no-cost consultation to one of our surgeons for weight reduction.