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VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy along with VidIQ are both fantastic and efficient channel management toolskits However, are they really that different? We’ll be comparing TubeBuddy vs VidIQ, to ultimately assist you in deciding which is the best solution for you.

Olga Kay, a trained circus juggler who is now the top performing YouTube persona has been earning over $100,000 – $130,000 each year on YouTube. Numerous other ordinary folks are making their upkeep from YouTube which is also known as the ‘new Hollywood which is the world’s second-largest online search engine behind Google.

With more than 1 billion users, it has 300 hours of new videos that are uploaded every other minute. Everyone online loves videos. In fact, as per research, 4x more people are more likely to watch the product’s video instead of learn about it.

YouTube video, the king of video can bring you 20x higher engagement than Facebook, and with that more sales than any other social media platform.

So, let’s say that you have a great video to cook for the billions of people who watch YouTube. A great theme, good audio, stunning visuals and you’ve got the perfect thumb-stopping content on the largest ADHD platform.

The thing with YouTube can be that the most relevant and genuine content could be ignored. Making a video and making sure that it’s seen by your viewers are two completely distinct things. Marketing via video isn’t an easy task.


Each VidIQ together with TubeBuddy are fantastic tools for YouTube growing channels, however Tubebuddy stands out with more useful features (over 60 vs. 25) and also a less expensive pricing for all tiers. The only place where the VidIQ tool is unique is its deep tracker of revenue and analytics for channels.

Principal Differences Between VidIQ and TubeBuddy

The primary distinction that separates VidIQ vs Tubebuddy is that the main difference between is this:

TubeBuddy will be available for download as an Chrome extension. It is also available as Firefox as well as Safari browser extensions, whereas VidIQ extension is available to Chrome browser extensions
TubeBuddy provides more advanced data and analytics, while VidIQ’s analytics are less advanced.
The paid plans for VidIQ begin with a price which is $7.50 per month, while TubeBuddy begins at $9 per month

Why YouTubers need Channel Management Toolkits

YouTube as with all social media accounts needs a lot of time for maintenance and moderation.

An account with over a million YouTube users will require a lot of time and patience to respond to millions of comments while updating the content to keep the viewers content. You’ll spend too much time managing the account that there will be no time left to create new content!

If you fail to listen to your viewers and do not respond to them in the fastest possible manner, you’ll eventually lose them all at once. The most important factor to be successful in YouTube is continuous engagement.

YouTube Studio by default YouTube studio is not enough for you to run a successful YouTube channel. So , how can you make sure that all contents are optimised to YouTube and that you are up to date with all activity on your account?

Easy! Choose a program that can help you through the difficult publishing process and move further in YouTube channel moderation and marketing strategies to give you higher results from YouTube. One of the best tools for this purpose is TubeBuddy.

This is the First Episode: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy’s goal is to make you happier and more productive when YouTubing through its suite of powerful tools.

It’s a browser extension tool which integrates awesomely as it is a YouTube tool, enhancing your publishing tools in a flash. It includes publishing and management tools that assist in the optimization and expansion of your YouTube channel.

Through Tube Buddy you will not have to maintain the optimization of those videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags for Youtube views.

The silver bullet of this tool is its ability to manage annotations and cards that are essential to traffic. Imagine all the time this tool can save you by updating the 60-second cards you have to place in your webinar videos?

TubeBuddy will handle these roles, but more smartly and much faster. TubeBuddy will also assist with optimizing video and Tubular analytics (channel analytics in general) and help to improve general strategy. TubeBuddy’s features are categorised into four broad categories:

Bulk processing
Video SEO
Data and Research

As amazing as many of these tools are, it’s almost impossible to take them all in all at once So here is a highlight of some among the best.

I’ll admit that I didn’t really “get” the necessity for channel management tools in the beginning. What’s the problem? Boy was I WRONG. TubeBuddy brings it all together with top of the line analytics as well as bulk processing and kickass SEO optimization!

Tools to improve productivity

They include videos with sunsets such as sunset videos, playlist actions (playlists) Emoji picker and canned responses, as well as scheduled video management updates to card templates.

Emoji Picker: Research indicates that there has been an up to 775% growth in the use of emojis to convey marketing and advertising information. Since YouTube supports these tiny , expressive pieces of information, you can use them in your titles and descriptions. On YouTube the emojis can be searched friendly and can be used to locate specific videos in the event that they are relevant. The Emoji Picker makes it possible for you to incorporate Emojis to your videos so that they can stand out in an ocean of similar videos.
Creator of thumbnails. A thumbnail image of a video is the only thing users of YouTube will first view and can either give a good impression or fails to draw. A well-designed thumbnail will boost the traffic to your channel. Constructing them using standard tools such as the Photoshop application isn’t an easy task and that’s the reason why TubeBuddy’s Thumbnail Generator is such a popular.

Tools for processing bulk quantities

Within TubeBuddy’s bulk processing tools, you’ll find its bulk copy cards, delete cards or update cards, as well as a the copy-end screen, to name just a few. The tools are designed to ensure that you do not pull your hair out while creating, managing, and editing the titles, cards or descriptions on bulk video.

Card copies in bulk These cards can not only YouTube cards guide your viewers to URLs, but they could also assist in increasing interaction with your videos. This feature allows you add the cards en masse, leaving you with more time to work with.
Bulk Find replace and append: This tool is fantastic for those moments you need to take out video descriptions and even the titles, from your last Webinar to one that is coming up. It allows you to locate among the bulk videos the entire title, tag and descriptions and either append or replace them in a matter of minutes. If you’re launching a new website that you’d like to connect video content to, then you could make use of this tool as well to replace the old hyperlinks, while also removing any existing references if needed.

YouTube SEO Tool

Keyword optimization and keyword tools (including the research of keywords) are essential for YouTube SEO, also known as rankings in search results and help achieve a large number of views. TubeBuddy provides a broad range of video SEO tool options that include tracking of keyword rank as well as insta-suggest, captions as well as auto-translator and tag lists.

This Youtube keyword tool will help you optimize your listings so that it is listed as an Related Video in the list of global viewers and the most popular videos (keyword research tools).

Auto Translator

This tool is the one you need to expand your reach on YouTube. It will translate those descriptions as well as video tags and the title into different languages to increase your viewership.

Keyword Search Rank Tracking

The most popular dream of many YouTube content creators is having their content on the YouTube’s list of recommended content. Although this may not be the case at all times, but the majority of content on YouTube can be found via searches. This means that keywords are very effective to rank.

If you’re unable to monitor the effects of your video SEO it is possible that your efforts will be futile since there is no feedback about the performance of your video. TubeBuddy’s Keyword Rank Tracking tool will analyze not just how your own video SEO but that of your competitors as well!

Promotional Tools

You can publish amazing content publish great content on YouTube and if you don’t market it then it will be invisible to traffic. In TubeBuddy’s tools for promotions are others that require the use of a share tracker and description promo, coupon codes, subscriber outreach , and featured video promotion too.

Promotion Materials

This TubeBuddy tool will help you create promo links for your emails or web-based marketing campaigns. These links are designed to ensure that you can track your click-throughs and other useful metrics for your marketing channels.

Share Tracker

To increase viewership To increase the number of viewers, you must share your YouTube across different platforms frequently. The most efficient method of keeping the track of your shares to ensure that you do not end with duplicate shares on social media or ignore other platforms is by using TubeBuddy’s Share Tracker.

Data & Research Tools

Tube Buddy’s research and data tools will gather enough data to help you understand your channel’s performance and the videos you upload on YouTube. You can then innovate and develop growth strategies that keep your channel growing. Some of these excellent tools include Videolytics, Channelytics, Health Report, Brand Alerts, and Competitor Scorecard.

Health Report

It will be simpler to discern what works for your channel and what’s not through an analysis of the videos you upload and your channel’s overall performance and health. This tool is specifically designed for this particular purpose. It offers demographics, search traffic (search volume) or data on watch time.

Brand Alerts

Brand Alerts ensure that you are alerted whenever any video featuring either your or the channels you run goes online. It will also keep an eye on YouTube for any new content upload which includes your company or you generally, every time they upload a video on their channel.

Next Up Next Up: VidIQ

A YouTube content maker final goal is to achieve an abundance of amazed subscriber counts. The process of building a YouTube community isn’t an easy task. Making great content, uploading it and hoping to see the YouTube gods will bless your content and make you famous doesn’t work either.

YouTubers need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve their visibility on YouTube. Becoming YouTube’s YouTube creator today makes you more influential than a typical Hollywood famous person. In fact, 75% of the YouTube’s teenage users believe that they can relate to YouTube influencers more than celebrities!

The path to visibility is in analytics, and VidIQ is a YouTube-certified management and audience development tool suite that’s ideal to handle these SEO-related tasks.

The VidIQ vision is a great integration with YouTube and YouTube, helping you with various functions like scheduled upload of videos, YouTube SEO, Twitter and Facebook engagement analytics and insightsas well as comment moderation and bulk description video editing tools. VidIQ effectively takes the burden out channel management and digital marketing, ensuring that you reach your market.

VidIQ is available as a browser plugin or a plug-in extension (browser plugin) and is very simple to use. Contrary to Tube Buddy its dashboard, which tends to block your screen, VidIQ is displayed as an IQ icon on the right side of your browser toolbar. Its analytics and real-time trending stats bar panel is accessible from the right-hand side of your video content as needed.

Similar to TubeBuddy a lot of VidIQ features are completely free (free plan) so you can take to it for a trial before making a commitment to premium features. Here are some great features of VidIQ.

VidIQ is among the few COMPLETE YouTube SEO and optimizing suites. Baseline anticipate at least 2x traffic and ranking, only by following VidIQ guidelines. Plus, the fully featured Basic Plan is FREE.

Custom Reporting and Analyses and Custom Reporting

The VidIQ tool allows YouTube creators concentrate on the key factors that influence the time spent on their channel. Its features includes an graph for engagement that represents an eye-to-eye view of all of your channels’ FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube engagement metrics all in one place. The analytics of VidIQ are superior to the ones of YouTube without a doubt because they’re well-organized and well-designed.

There’s a feature called “Best time of day” that you can use to publish to YouTube, that ensures that your channel ‘s programming schedule will be covered for maximum engagement.

If you’re interested in your audience’s demographics, such as gender or geographic location you can check this data under the YouTube Audience Demographics feature. Another analytics feature you might consider is source of the viewer’s data according to watch time, which includes the most popular Google and YouTube key words and practice that is driving viewers to watch.

Influencer Discovery

An excellent analytics tool must provide an analysis of your subscribers and VidIQ is able to do this to a science. This data will inform you of who is watching commenting, liking and liking your content. If you’d prefer to be aware of what your subscribers are watching on other channels or which ones they’re a subscriber to, apart from yours this feature is what you require. This feature can help you determine who your most loyal followers are and how you can communicate with them for long-lasting engagement.

Channel Management Services

VidIQ’s channel management solutions display channel audit data, YouTube analytics, and strategies for account support and account management for ensuring that the content you create is suited to your users.

Workflow Automation

In addition to fantastic content, long-tail keywords such as keyword research modules, keyword suggestion (and the correct keywords generally), tags, cards, and annotations will allow viewers to find your content fast and improve their time spent watching.

The items must be optimized to maximize effectiveness, however with a YouTube tag as an example, having a 500 character limit, you would have to devote a lot of time to manually complete them to create the stream of hundreds of video you could include on the channel. VidIQ’s workflow automation tool will save you money, time , and energy and make these tasks more automated so that you can return to what you enjoy doing best: creating excellent content!

Community Management

Every YouTuber is thrilled when their viewers are engaged enough to share their thoughts, but what happens when all your followers decide to swamp you with thousands of comments? Use VidIQ to moderate the number of comments, engage with community members and for uploading videos too.