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How Do I Nominate Someone To Be Knighted?

Anyone is eligible for an award such as a KBE or DBE provided they satisfy the King’s Honour standards for this award.

Knighthoods or Damehoods may be awarded for any kind of achievement, however generally, the person who is nominated will have made a significant contribution to the country on an international or national scale; their efforts and achievements will be considered as an example to others. They may also have had a significant impact on their colleagues, industry or even the entire country through their consistent and outstanding dedication to the field they have chosen.

Typically, a knighthood or damehood is granted as a recurrence of an individual’s prior recognition by way of or an MBE, OBE or CBE or CBE, provided they have continued to perform at a high quality since receiving their first recognition.

When you submit a recommendation for an award , you’re not asked to provide what the recipient’s name is. honoree therefore it is not necessary to state that you believe they are worthy of the title of damehood or knighthood. The amount of honor awarded is decided by committees that look at the evidence of the individual’s performance in the nomination.

Some examples of people who have knighthood are:

Professor Godfrey Palmer received a knighthood for his outstanding and innovative research into malt and grain science. The first professor from Scotland to be black Professor Godfrey is also well-known for being an avid human rights activist.

Prof. Peng Tee Khaw, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Professor of Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL, London, received a knighthood for his contributions to Ophthalmology. His work and fundraising are aiding in better treatment all across the globe.

Roger Michael De Haan, CBE DL, Philanthropist, as well as former Saga boss was honoured for his efforts in regenerating communities that are in need, and was awarded the honorary title of Knight for his services to education, the arts , and to charities throughout Kent as well as Overseas.

Examples of people who have damehoods are:

Alison Carnwath has been recognised as a role model to women in business and among the few women to be the chairperson of an FTSE 100 company. Lady Alison was awarded this honour after her accomplishment in as the CEO of one of the very first property firms to restart growth following the recession as well as her position against bankers’ extravagant bonuses.

Asha Khemka, the principal of West Nottinghamshire College, was awarded the title of Dame for her contributions to further education. The Dame Asha is the principal as well as chief executive officer of West Nottinghamshire College since May 2006, and in her tenure there, she has helped transform the college’s facilities and the provision of education.

Prof. Pamela Shaw, Professor of Neurology at Sheffield University has been recognised for her accomplishments in the field of clinical science. her research has resulted in an increased understanding of motor neurone disorders all over the world.

How to get a knighthood – What do I need to know about naming someone?

To recommend someone to an honorary knighthood or a damehood, you have to supply an application to Cabinet Office with all the necessary details about the nominee’s accomplishments.

If you are submitting a nomination of the award of an MBE, OBE or CBE it is also required to submit at least two letters of endorsement with your nomination. They must be from individuals who have seen the accomplishments of the nominee firsthand and are capable of expressing enthusiasm about their job.

Be aware that it is not possible to submit nominations for the King’s honors each year until you have the results you want! After a nomination is taken into consideration, it won’t be re-considered until at least two years are passed, and then the next nomination has to be substantially distinct from the original before it can be considered.

If you’d like to submit an application for the knighthood or damehood or any other honour bestowed by the King we can assist by drafting a professional nominations that detail the nominee’s accomplishments in a concise, convincing and complete narrative, backed with evidence and personal appraisals of their activities. We have the knowledge and understanding of the King’s honours requirements to ensure that you get it right on the first try!

Are I able to be nominated for An Knight Or Damehood?

You cannot nominate yourself to an honorary knighthood or damehood however, someone who appreciates your achievements and work can recommend yourself for either the KBE as well as the DBE.

If for example , a person in your household, a person who works with you or your partner believes that you are worthy of this high-level distinction, they could recommend you for recognition on the Honours List.

In recommending the knighthood or damehood, the person making the recommendation should give accurate and current details about their accomplishments. It should be able to provide details about how they’ve impacted society, inspired others, and changed lives to better, and the reasons the reasons why their work stands apart from others.

What is the best time to Nominate A Knighthood or Damehood?

There’s no time limit to submit a nomination, however the person you’re nominating has to be actively in their position and, if they are able, there should be some time left before they retire.

If you make a request for consideration of an award, it can take around 12-18 months for a decision to be made. If you wait until after someone has retired or has resigned from their job, it might be too late to be selected to be awarded.

If you believe that your candidate has a greater chance of success after they’ve completed their project, simply nominate them now and provide an update letter once the project is finished.

Don’t put off a nomination when your nominee is approaching retirement, or it’s too late. Each year, many people get honoured as either Knight or Dame to the King. Next year, your nominee may be among them with your help and our assistance.

Who Decides Who Is Acquired a Kbe or Dbe?

The Honours and Appointments Secretariat at The Cabinet Office collate nominations when they are received and forward them to the most appropriate of the nine honors committees.

Honours committees examine all kinds of accomplishments made by all sorts of people from business and entrepreneurs men to academic professional, health and legal professionals, to top performers in the arts and sports and community members and volunteers.

Independent experts are chosen to serve on diverse committees, which are accompanied by civil servants of the highest rank. They conduct further analysis of all nominations of King’s prizes including damehoods and knighthoods. they determine who is deserving of the highest (if they are awarded any) degree of prize.

One way to be sure that your nominee is given the honor that they merit is to craft a your nomination so precise and convincing that it creates no doubt in judges’ eye that they are worthy of an award. Fortunately, we can assist you to achieve that. Contact us today to begin your nomination.