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A SimpliSafe Home Security Review

SimpliSafe is a well-established home security provider that offers alarm systems and monitoring to keep your home and your business secure. This overview of SimpliSafe covers everything the company offers and demonstrates how it is compared to its competitors.

SimpliSafe provides homeowners with security and peace of mind through the ease of installation for its Home security. SimpliSafe UK offers a broad range of motion sensors and security cameras that utilize adhesive strips for their installation which makes SimpliSafe the ideal home security solution for renters as well as people who are looking to build an DIY house security solution. SimpliSafe is also a budget-friendly home security service that doesn’t have customers sign long-term agreements, and base the price of its professional monitoring on the day instead of the month.

Read on to learn more about the home security options that SimpliSafe offers, its prices as well as its customer support as well as comparing other security systems in order to find the most effective home security system for your home.

Our View on SimpliSafe Home Security

We gave SimpliSafe with a 9.9 /10, and declared it to be one of the “Best option for Easy Install.” It allows users to make monthly payments without no contract. It’s also easy to install, and is rated A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Overview of SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe was established around 2006, with Harvard Students Chad as well as Eleanor Laurans. The Laurans came up with the idea of the business after an incident of burglaries at homes of their acquaintances led their friends to find a security firm that was specifically designed for renting. Since the time, SimpliSafe has grown to offer a range of security equipment designed to make installation easy and caters to millions of clients across the nation. SimpliSafe continues to serve those who require a accessible and cost-effective household security device.

SimpliSafe Packages and Equipment

There are two major components to any security system at home such as SimpliSafe The equipment plans along with the plans for monitoring monthly.

SimpliSafe allows you to build your own customized package, but also provides pre-designed packages that offer savings on the top things. You can also add additional features like additional entry and motion sensors at a cost.

Compare SimpliSafe products below

Every one of the SimpliSafe system require an appropriate base station in order to function as a central control device for all peripheral equipment. The company also provides flexibility in the design of items such as security cameras and sensors. Here are the main items that have a 3-year warranty and a 60-day money-back assurance.

SimpliSafe also comes with a no-cost HD camera when you purchase of any package.

SimpliSafe Equipment

Here are more details on SimpliSafe’s equipment

Base Station: This black cylindrical unit serves as the central element of the system. It also serves as is a backup device for home cell connections. It connects wirelessly to all sensors, and by using a monitoring service SimpliSafe’s dispatchers. The system also comes with a 95-decibel siren which will sound when something causes alarms.

SimpliCam SimpliCam: SimpliSafe’s one and only Security camera model is SimpliCam which is which is an outdoor video camera that has 120-degree fields of vision but no zoom option. It also has night vision capabilities and an audio function that lets you to speak directly to the camera’s microphone. It is possible to stream video and save it to the cloud for a monthly cost. It doesn’t use person recognition, meaning it could give false alarms for pets , or other moving objects, such as robot vacuums.

Video Doorbell Pro The video camera and two-way audio system lets you to speak and see to anyone who calls your doorbell. It must be wired to your doorbell. The doorbell camera has 162 degrees of field of vision as well as night-vision. In contrast to the SimpliCam it does feature the person recognition system, meaning you won’t get alerts for vehicles or trees that are blowing in the wind.

entry sensors: These little sensors are two-part and connect to windows and doors and alert the base station that they’ve been open.

Keypad Wireless keypad the primary point to arm or disable the system. It’s safe from tampering, and should it be destroyed or removed the base station as well as the mobile application will still function.

Motion Sensors sensors come with 30′ of range as well as 90-degree view. They are most effective in corners.

Other equipment: SimpliSafe offers a number of additional items, including panic buttons key fob, an extra siren that is 105 decibels, glass break sensors and an intelligent lock. SimpliSafe also provides sensors for monitoring environmental conditions including smoke detectors temperatures and freezing sensors, water sensor as well as carbon monoxide detection.

SimpliSafe Monitors Home Security

Each package, whether custom-designed or pre-made there are three plans for monitoring: “Complete Home,” “Pro Monitoring Only” as well as “Camera Records Only.” It is the “Pro Monitoring Only” plan links your base station to SimpliSafe dispatchers to provide 24/7 monitoring. “Camera Recordings only “Camera recording only” plan allows storage and recording features to SimpliSafe Security cameras. “Complete Home,” the “Complete Home” plan is the most extensive and provides 24/7 monitoring with the full capabilities of the SimpliSafe application to remote arm or disarm your system. as well as receive alert notifications, stream live footage from security cameras, and much more.

SimpliSafe Home Security Price

There’s a cost initial for SimpliSafe’s hardware. However, after that, you’ll own the system that you can take to relocate. It is possible to purchase the system and opt for self-monitoring. However, when you choose to sign up with a professional service, you’ll be given an additional 25% off the hardware. You don’t have to sign a monitoring contract and you pay from each month and you can end the contract at any time.

SimpliSafe Home Security Warranties

All SimpliSafe equipment is covered by a three-year guarantee and a 60-day, no-risk assurance. Along with surveillance, SimpliSafe offers customer support to help with any connectivity or equipment issues. Live support is available each day from 9 am until midnight at midnight EST.

SimpliSafe Home Security Reviews

SimpliSafe has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in recognition of its excellent customer service and transparency in business practices. Most complaints concern issues with customer service as well as problems processing refunds. Similar to any top security firm SimpliSafe has a mixture of both positive and negative SimpliSafe reviews by customers.

Our Conclusion

SimpliSafe is a great and cost-effective alternative to the traditional security systems for homes. It’s simple to install and use, and the ability of monitoring 24/7 without a contract an added benefit. SimpliSafe is a great choice for monitoring your home. SimpliSafe system works with smart home devices as well as mobile devices. If you’re tech-savvy, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the advanced features.

SimpliSafe appears to have some issues with customer service, as well as some clients who tried to benefit from the 60-day money-back guarantee experienced frustration. Despite the claimed ease of use, users who feel uncomfortable using these devices may have a hard time benefit of the SimpliSafe system, especially the plan for monitoring with an interactive interface.