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Considerations when Working with an Estate Agent in Gosport

In times of economic hardship, most people want to reduce expenses in every way that they are able to. When you are buying or selling your property, you’re likely to seek the most competitive prices.

You can sell or find a house by yourself. But unless you have time to make home shopping or listing a property a part-time job and an agent could be able match you with the right buyer (or the perfect house for you if you’re looking to purchase) quickly and more smoothly. In this week’s blog, we’ve laid out the top 5 benefits of working with an estate agent.

Greater chance of a successful sale

Best interest for both parties

High street agents are paid an amount of commission when they sell the property. They could, for instance, receive 2% of the sale price.

Multiple listing service

Whichever estate agent you choose to use for your estate, they’ll have access to more listing services than you alone. This can increase exposure which could result in the sale quicker than without an agent.

Experience and techniques for marketing

Real estate agents are aware of the most effective and up-to-date methods for marketing when it’s to selling houses.

Access to buyers

Real estate agents often help both buyers and sellers, thus they are connected to an array of highly qualified buyers and are likely to be in contact with buyers frequently.

Displaying your home

An experienced estate agent can aid in highlighting the essential and unique features of your home which they know that potential buyers in the area are searching for. They could highlight features that have been in use for a while or valid planning permits for non-completed works such as extensions to the rear.

Local information

If you pick a local estate agent who specializes in your particular area they’ll be aware of which other properties are on the market, which are selling and who is selling. A reliable agent will utilize the experience and knowledge gained from this in showcasing your property in front of those who are most likely buy. It is in the best interests of the agent to offer viewings to customers who are most likely to pursue buying and willing to pay for the price they are asking for or more.

There aren’t any kinks on the chain

You will benefit from the middleman service included with an agent in the high street and can help reduce the stress and length of time to sell. Most high street agents have sales staff acting as a’middleman when an offer is accepted. This involves negotiating with the rest of the chain and solicitors who are between. An online estate agent on the other hand, cannot call a buyer’s lawyer in the negotiation stage, which can slow down the process.
Relaxed stress levels and peace of mind

A professionally organised process

Many buyers and sellers would like the process to be professionally run to ensure that the transaction goes as smooth as possible. Working with a professional estate agents can help put both you and your buyer at ease.

Protection against fraud

An agent on the high streets will ‘vet’ each of the parties and gain insight into how serious the prospective buyer is. High-street agents tend to check the financial records of prospective purchasers as well as details about their previous viewings and will usually conduct accompanied viewings. An experienced agent will be in the know about the latest regulations and guidelines when it comes to selling houses, which means you can put the difficult stuff in the hands of professionals.

They handle marketing and the viewings

Undertaking the sale of your house in addition to your other responsibilities is a daunting and stressful task. When you employ the services of an estate broker, they can manage marketing and facilitating viewings for you. In the end, it’s part of their task!

Watch for potential issues

Expert real estate agents are able to recognize and handle potential issues you might not have noticed alone.
Increased likelihood of selling for the correct price

Professional negotiation

As we have mentioned, the Gosport estate agents you hire is a trained professional with plenty of experience with the process of selling and meeting. They will therefore help to remove the emotional aspect of the sale and provide objective advice on every aspect of the process, as well as deal professionally with buyers.

Incentive to offer a higher price

The commission that your estate agent will earn upon sale of the home will amount to a percentage of the sale price.
Expertise in the field

Price guide

Agents who deal in real estate are aware of the market conditions and they can give you advice regarding when you should accept an offer, and when to go higher. They will not need to depend on word of mouth or other online sources.

Access to professional networks

You can make use of a real estate agent’s network of industry experts including quantity surveyors as well as solicitors. This can help you determine what repairs or upgrades are worth the cost in order to present your home in a better light and boost your chances of a high sale price.


Your estate agent can assist you with the huge amount of paperwork required for the sale of your home. They will give you advice on the things to keep in mind.
No up-front cost

Commission fees are contingent upon the sale being completed to the property. It is unlikely that you will find a listing service that doesn’t require a cash deposit to put the property you own for auction.