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How to Choose the Right Mirror For Your Space

Mirrors are among the design elements that can make a huge difference…

When you are choosing the best mirror for a space there are some rules we prefer to adhere to.

We’ve learned lots about selecting mirrors. Today, we’ll walk you through our method of selecting the best form, style and grade!

Here are some things to consider when picking the mirror we want to use:

No. 1 Size

There are a few guidelines of thumbs we adhere to when selecting the size of the mirror.

Over an item of furniture:

If we’re choosing the mirror to be placed above the furniture piece it is best in size to match the furniture below it in order to provide some breathing space.

If the mirror is large enough to cover the entire piece of furniture the mirror can completely take over the entire impression of the style. If the mirror is just a few inches smaller than the furniture, it’s simpler to place a lamp and decoration over the piece to create an even visual vignette.

In the walls:

A mirror that is hung on the wall is an ideal method to make your space appear larger, however you shouldn’t allow your mirror to dominate the whole wall. If you’re hanging a mirror on a wall that is narrow we prefer leaving just a few millimetres to the outside of the mirror in order to create the illusion of balance.

The bathroom is:

The right size mirror for your bathroom is about the components that surround it.

If you’re planning an entirely new construction and choose the lighting, plumbing and electrical options, you’ll can customize the layout and opt for two large mirrors or one smaller mirrors. If you’re renovating your home, you’ll need to adjust the existing installation of the sink and electrical wiring.

In general, if we have two sinks we will install two mirrors, with the sconces each side. We prefer the mirrors to extend the distance of the basin. So in the event that sinks are situated close to each other, sticking with a larger mirror is the safer option.

In a brand new construction we like mixing with the layout of the bathrooms in the home to create an individual look and feel. For instance, if we have two small mirrors with side lights in one bathroom, we could have a long mirror that has an overhead light on the other.

No. 2. Shape

When it comes to choosing the perfect mirror shape for an area, there are couple of things we prefer to take into consideration.

Over an item of furniture:

We are always looking for ways to play by mirror shapes on furniture pieces We often pick more unique designs.

If you have a dresser that has soft, round edges, we’ll typically make a contrast with a square mirror. However, if there is a piece that has more sharp edges an arch or a circular form can provide the ideal contrast.

When shopping for an arched mirror make sure you check out


In a bathroom, the primary aspect you need to think about is the lighting.

If the wiring in the remodel is wired to two side sconces we’ll most likely select a circular-shaped mirror over a square mirror. If it is wired to the overhead lighting, we’ll typically select a square-shaped one.

We’ve done circular mirrors with an overhead sconce when the space required it, however it is more difficult to determine the perfect balance to make it work efficiently.

No. 3. Style

Selecting the best style for the mirror you choose has a lot related to the components surrounding it. Moreover, because we tend to gravitate toward the transitional look, we are prone to incorporate a mix of styles into every vignette. Here are some tips to consider:

The bathroom is:

There’s a distinction between bathroom mirrors and those that are not (we’ll discuss that in the future,) but when it is style-wise, bathroom grade mirrors tend to be more refined.

Additionally, at times when you’ve got plumbing, lighting and all the other elements of an bathroom, making the most intricate mirrors can be distracting for the eyes. Because of these reasons, we prefer to make mirror designs simple in the majority of our bathrooms.

We do prefer to play with balance, style and fashion using mirrors to create a contrast or play off of the traditional and modern elements of the room.

Over a piece or piece of furniture or on a wall:

Mixing up the styles with mirrors over pieces of furniture can be even more enjoyable as we like to play around with mixing modern and traditional styles.

For instance, if we’re using a more traditional style of dresser, we could opt for an elegant mirror and reverse.

If you’re considering an image for your wall take a look around the area and try to discover what’s lacking. If you’ve got lots of round silhouettes in your room, perhaps you require something more rectangular. If you’re surrounded by a large number of pieces that are streamlined, choosing items with more details could add more interest and depth.

No. 4 Graduation

Not the least last, picking the appropriate mirror is about knowing your needs. A mirror placed over an item of furniture or mounted on a wall don’t necessarily need to meet specific requirements for function but a mirror for bathrooms is quite different!

Bathrooms can be some humidity and moisture, your mirror in your bathroom should adhere to some guidelines to stay clear of mold and other undesirable elements.

When you look at a mirror online you can tell the difference between bathroom quality or not. There are a few indicators to be looking for:

No. 1: Mention “Bath Rated”

No. 2. Shatterproof

No. 3. Plated but but not painted

No. 4: Easy hanging method

There are some exceptions to this rule. For powder bathrooms for instance we may select mirrors with greater detail which aren’t “Bath Rated,” since they don’t have to contend with moisture like baths with full-length mirrors do.