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The Benefits of Choosing Tiles for Your Home

If you’re building or renovating your home, the most important element to consider is the type of material you will use, whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom or another living space. What type of material is best for your particular project? Should you use paint, wallpaper carpet or laminate? Of course, you’ll want something that, not only looks great, but also able to be used for a long time. Both of which tiles deliver on.

In this post we’ll look at every reason we believe you should choose tiles for your next home renovation.

1. They’ll look nice for years

Tiles are (as an average) best-quality flooring material in the market. As long as they’re properly placed, maintained and cared for, they’ll look beautiful as they did when they were installed for years to remain. Contrarily, another flooring type like carpet may easily stain and fade with time. Additionally, vinyl is prone to tears and scuffs which will not only result in the floor having to be replaced as it also can harbor bacteria.

2. Tiles Are Hypoallergenic

The hard, flat surface of both ceramic and porcelain tiles makes them an ideal option for those suffering from allergies. In contrast to carpets, which are an ideal habitat for allergens, pollen, dust mites and pet hair that cannot cling to tile surfaces making the tiles perfect.

3. Simple To Clean

It’s not that difficult to wash tiles. As opposed to carpets, which are prone to collecting dirt and needs to be cleaned regularly tile flooring doesn’t require the same amount of care. It is much easier and less time-consuming to care for than other floor types. By simpling cleaning them with mopping every other week, they’ll be clean and beautiful (for areas with low traffic periodic mopping may not be needed at all). The effect can be enhanced by Lithofin tiles that aid in maintaining the look of porcelain, stone, and ceramic tiles.

4. Multi-faceted

We have hundreds of unique tiles available in different sizes, shapes and colors, so there’s always something that will reflect your personality. From mosaics made of porcelain to ceramic tiles there’s an almost infinite selection for each style and budget, from modern to urban designs. When it comes to other flooring options like laminate and carpet you could be left with a fewer number of flooring options.

5. High-End Style

If you’re looking for an elegant look for your home without breaking your budget Tiles are superior to carpet, laminate, and various other types of flooring. They will last more effectively and provide a more elegant and sophisticated (and generally more costly) look to your home. Our team are committed to delivering the best quality tiles at the most competitive prices – so whether you opt for a ceramic tile or a patterned tile, we’ll always ensure that your floor looks the most attractive.

6. Perfect for underfloor Heating

In recent years underfloor heating systems have been made more accessible. If you’re thinking about installing underfloor heating, it is essential to look at the flooring type you prefer. It’s not surprising that flooring like carpet is inappropriate and, even though certain hardwood flooring could be appropriate for underflooring heating, porcelain tiles will always convey the heat more efficiently. They’re perfectly matched for underfloor heating.

7. There’s Something For Every Budget

We realize that the cost of a tile is something that you have to think about when you are planning to renovate or remodel your home. Tiles are, thankfully, inexpensive, and we have kinds that will fit all budgets.

8. Fire Resistant

Conventional tiles like ceramics or porcelains are known for their ability to naturally endure extreme temperatures (i.e. fires). Because they do not cause scorching or burning they are perfect for use in the kitchen, unlike carpet which is prone to sing.

9. Environmentally Friendly

Since tiles are composed of natural raw materials like clay, sand, and even glass, the production does not require the exploitation of any other natural resources such as wool or trees.

10. Create A Feature

Walls with features are an ideal way to use tiles to create a focal point and draw attention to certain areas of your room, whether in the kitchen or in a living area. To create this effect, you can use beautiful wall tiles which transform plain décor to something beautiful and striking. We guarantee that our team will help you locate the right tiles for your vision of a focal piece reality.