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What is the difference between a wardrobe and an armoire?

In terms of bedroom storage that’s both functional and stylish it’s difficult not to find armoires. Combining hanging space and shelving within a compact piece Armoires are extremely adaptable. But, despite being a staple of the home for over more than four centuries, these distinctive furniture pieces were not popular in the last few decades. However, armoires are now beginning to come back.

But what exactly are armoires? What is the difference between them and normal wardrobes? Are these classic pieces getting a makeover? In this blog, we will answer the above questions and more , as we present our complete information on armoires.

What’s the distinction between an armoire and a closet?

In simple terms an armoire is an elegant kind of wardrobe that can be used for a variety of purposes. While wardrobes are freestanding storage units intended for hanging clothes, armoires typically have drawers and shelves as well as hanging rails. As a result, unlike wardrobes, armoires can be used for various uses and tend to be bigger and more intricate.

What do armoires are used to do?

In the past, armoires wardrobes were utilized for storage of armour and weapons. This is why they have larger interiors, and the fact that they are generally larger structures. Today, however armoires are used to store clothes, and also serve as beautiful entertainment centers. Due to their dimensions, doors that close and shelves that are hidden armoires are ideal to house televisions as well as other electronic devices. The doors that resemble wardrobes on these furniture pieces mean that appliances are readily accessible and can be easily concealed when they are not when not in use. This allows classic interiors that can be built without compromising on the contemporary essentials that you have to your bed.

Armoires in different types

Though all are used for similar purposes There are three primary kinds of armoires. They are:

– Wardrobe armoires
The name implies that they are designed to store and organize clothes. Armoires for the wardrobe usually have rods for hanging and drawers that are that are designed to keep clothing and other accessories neatly organized.

– Non-hanging armoires
Armoires that aren’t hanging do not have hanging rails, but instead, they are made up of shelves as well as cubby holes and drawers. They can be smaller than traditional armoires and are perfect for organizing accessories.

TV armoires
These are extravagant entertainment units instead of for storage of clothes. Televisions, stereo systems and games consoles are placed in these pieces. As we mentioned before the benefit in TV armoires lies in the fact that, when you’re in the absence of your electronics gadgets they can be conveniently hidden away.

The advantages of armoires

If you’re in search of something unique to decorate your living room or bedroom an armoire might be the perfect choice. They offer many advantages, including:

They are perfect to store items
Multi-purpose and large in nature Armoires are made to be an elegant and practical storage solution. From clothes and accessories to books and electronics Armoires can be utilized to store virtually every household item.

These are fashion pieces
Apart from its practicality Armoires can also be placed in the centre of any space. The stylish pieces can be utilized to add to the look of the room and not just blend within. If you choose modern mirrored armoires or a traditional wood model with intricate design, be aware that the armoire can be used to strengthen the overall look of a space.

They can be used in a variety of ways.
As we’ve mentioned previously, these furniture pieces can be easily customized. You can select additional hanging rails or additional drawers or shelving. With a variety of functions, there’s an armoire to suit every purpose. This means that they are able to be used in any space in the house.

Are armoires outdated?

While armoires have fallen out of popularity in recent times for those who prefer more modern furniture, the flexibility of armoires means they will don’t really ever go out of fashion. They are no longer just for clothes storage, armoires are being utilized as storage solutions for everything from televisions and games consoles to bags, books, toys and even shoes. With the advent of newer designs that still utilize the space and flexibility of traditional armoires, the reality is that these once-essential furniture pieces are starting to enjoy a sort of revival.