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Why Have Sash Window Restoration?

If you have windows made of wood in your home, you might be inclined to replace them with something different. But, it is usually not the most effective option. Instead, consider wood sash window repair that has a variety of advantages, which are discussed below.

Maintain the original character of the Property

The most significant benefit of sash window restoration is that the appearance of your home is preserved. This is an important aspect in conservation zones where planning authorities insist on keeping classic features in homes. Take note that UPVC windows are not permitted in these areas.

If you are selling your home If you are selling your house, having original and well-maintained windows made of wood in your property can help increase the value of your home. The first thing prospective buyers will be looking at is the doors and windows. If they’ve been properly restored, potential buyers will be looking to the other parts of the home more favorably. In fact, by taking away the windows in your home and replacing windows with, say, UPVC ones, you might actually reduce the value of your home.

Save money

A sash window repair over replacement can save lots of cost, since restoration works are usually cheaper than replacing completely new windows. Even if the windows appear like they’re in need of repair, this is likely to be the situation. Our expert team of joiners is able to repair nearly every window. If that’s not feasible, for instance where wood rot is extremely destructive, we are able to create exact copies of your windows. These comply with the Conservation area planning regulations and listed Buildings.

Draught Exclusion

Every window experiences wear and tear with time and eventually, they may not fit in their frames as they should. In this case windows begin to shake and cold draughts invade your home. In the process of restoring your windows we can put in seals to stop draughts, resulting in an exclusion of draughts. Your home will not only be more comfortable and comfortable, but you will see a decrease in dust and dirt ingress into your property since the draught system is where where such particles often make their way into homes.

Improved Efficiency of Energy Efficiency

Installing double-glazed windows and Draught seals, efficiency of your home’s energy consumption is likely to be increased. It will keep heat inside the house for a longer period of time. In the end, you’ll not be as tempted to switch on the central heating. You should also be able to reduce the amount of energy you use.

Increase your windows’ Life of Your Windows

Many sash windows were in use since the homes were constructed, which could be as long as two hundred years in the past. When you perform the restoration of sash windows, you can prolong the life of your windows further. It is likely that you will find the operation of the windows much more straightforward after the restoration.