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Why Investing in a Set of 3 Prints for Your Walls Is a Smart Choice

The aesthetics of our living spaces have a huge impact not just on our mood but also on our productivity and our general experience when we are in those locations. Art is an essential component in determining these aesthetics since it allows for the expression of individuality while also contributing to the formation of a distinctive ambiance. Investing in a set of three prints for your walls is a smart choice if you want to make a statement with art because it is one of the most effective ways to do so. This article illustrates the compelling reasons why selecting a set of 3 prints rather than a single print may take the style and personality of your interiors to new heights.

Consonance and equilibrium

Creating a sense of equilibrium is one of the most important goals of interior design, and sets of three prints are a great way to express this idea. The human eye is inherently drawn to odd numbers, and we perceive them to be more aesthetically pleasing than even numbers. The combination of three different prints creates a pleasing composition that satisfies our need for order and harmony. The presence of three elements that are identical to one another or that are connected in some way generates a focus point that both draws and fulfils the viewer’s gaze.


When telling a tale, it’s often more effective to use a series of three prints rather than just one. Whether the prints are linked through a common subject, colour scheme, or artistic style, they contribute to the development of a more compelling narrative when displayed together. The visitor is encouraged to investigate the artwork more as they move from one item to the next as they are drawn in by the progression of the exhibition, which also helps to forge a connection between the observer and the art that is on view.


Consideration of this alternative should also be given to the fact that a collection of three prints can be used in a variety of ways. You have the flexibility to place them horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in a staggered configuration, which allows you to better accommodate the dimensions and contours of your wall. You may also rearrange them over time to give your interior design a new look without incurring any further expenses. In addition, while they do work well together as a set, each print can also be displayed on its own, giving you the flexibility to mix and match them according to your evolving preferences or requirements.

Visual Impact

When compared to a single piece of the same size, the visual impact of a grouping of three related prints is significantly greater. They take up more wall space, which elevates the artwork to a prominent position within the area. Your interior design will benefit from having more energy thanks to the rhythm created by the repetition of features across all three prints. This effect has the potential to make a room appear to have been more carefully created and expertly arranged.


The pastime of art collecting can become quite pricey. The purchase of a package of three prints, on the other hand, can frequently be done at a lower cost than the acquisition of a single huge piece of artwork. There are a lot of artists and galleries that provide sets of prints for sale at a price that is lower than the price of buying each work separately. Because of the reasonable prices, you won’t need to empty your savings account to acquire many works by your preferred artist or from your favourite series.

Cohesion of the Space

The design of a space can be brought together with the help of a matching set of three prints. The artwork can be used to tie together numerous aspects, so creating a place that is coherent and harmonious. This is accomplished by echoing colours or motifs that are already present in the rest of the design. Because of this cohesiveness, the space may come off as cosier and more aesthetically beautiful.

Expression of one’s own unique sense of style

Last but not least, a collection of three prints is a fantastic approach to convey your unique sense of style. Your preferences, interests, and overall personality are all reflected in the prints that you select. They have the potential to spark a conversation, provide insights into your identity, and help you create a house that feels like an extension of yourself in every sense of the word.

To summarise, there are many advantages to be gained from making an investment in a set of three prints for your walls. This trio has the ability to transform your area in a number of ways, including the creation of visual harmony and the telling of a story, the provision of versatility, and the production of impactful aesthetics. It enables you to create a bold statement with your decor, allowing you to express your individual sense of style while still achieving the polished appearance of a professionally styled space. Due to the fact that it is quite inexpensive, purchasing a set of three prints is an option that should be considered by those who are interested in both art and design. When it comes to the field of interior design, there are instances when three of something is the best option.