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Frequently Asked Questions About The Tesco Sale

The 25 percent Off Tesco clothes sale one of the most popular events that is offered by the UK’s biggest retailer.

Get the most current sales times and also strategies to save even more money on the F&F clothing selection.

The F&F clothing line is regarded as to be budget-friendly and high-quality for the price.

There’s a variety of various types of products and categories there’s plenty to choose from for the entire kids, adults, and families alike.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the major 25% discount Tesco clothing sales are widely anticipated by shoppers. It’s worth putting off buying a few items and saving enough for the event. Check out my F&F sales tips below for an additional 10% discount!

If you’re trying to know which sale will be or if the Tesco clothing sale is going on, we have the info to help you.

Based on the previous initial sale dates which began early in the month of march, we expect that the next Tesco 25% off clothes sale to begin on March 9th, 2023.

We check our website every day and will update the page as soon as the official date is confirmed.

The the previous dates for September sales here to provide you with an idea of how we came to our forecast.

Verify that you are getting the most out of your Tesco Clubcard as well as our other tips to save money at Tesco during the sale.
Previous F&F 25 Off Dates

Dates of sales from the past are an excellent indicator of the time frame for future sales.

In the following dates you can see how the sale has increased each calendar year. It was a 4 day to a 5-day single sale from 2018 until 2019. Through 2020, there are three separate 25 percent off sales that span 21 days.


No past sales yet.


The 26th of December will run from Monday to Sunday 2nd January
From Thursday 8th December until Sunday 11th December
From Monday 14th November until Sunday 20th November
from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th October
from Thursday 29th September through 2nd October 2022
from Thursday 23rd to the 26th of June on Sunday, 2022.
From Thursday 26th May until Sunday 29th May 2022.
From Thursday, 10th March until Sunday, 13th March 2022


From Thursday 18th November until Monday 22nd November
From Friday 24th September until Sunday 26th September


from Wednesday 9th December through the 15th of December on Tuesday, December 15th 2020 (7-day sale)
From Friday 13th November until the 22nd of November on Sunday, 21st December 2020 (10-day sale)
From Thursday 24th September until the 27th of September on Sunday, October 27, 2020 (4-day sale)
50 percent off sale: from Wednesday 6th May through 19th May, Tuesday (14-day sale)


From Thursday 21st November until the 25th of November on Monday, November 25, 2019. (5-day sale)


from Thursday 27th September through Sunday 30th September 2018, (4-day sale)

Additional Tesco F&F Sales

Although not as impressive as the 25% discount, Tesco does periodically other sales on its F&F range of clothing.

For instance, 20 percent off F&F using the Tesco Clubcard as well as 25% savings when you use voucher codes when you make the PS50, PS75 and PS100 purchase.

What Clothes Are sold by Tesco?

Tesco sells its own line of clothing as part of its F&F brand. It’s thought to be of good quality and a great value for money.

The F&F Tesco Clothing range includes clothing for the entire family:

Baby Clothes

Most popular F&F categories include:


In addition to shoes, accessories and clothes are also part of the 25% discount sales.

It is possible to see what’s on sale at the moment and the price on Tesco website however, you’ll need to visit the store to purchase.

The ranges are obviously changing each year and throughout the seasons. However, if you’ve not looked into the Tesco clothing collection before, this video shows an array of the items Tesco was offering in January 2021, along with costs, so you’ll be able to assess the value of the items.

Do Tesco Sell Clothes Online?

Tesco shut its own clothing site for the F&F range in the year 2016 and integrated this into Tesco Direct website that was later shut down in the year 2018. Since then, Tesco has been selling the F&F brand’s products in retail stores.

However however, the F&F brand is sold through Next’s Next website.

Do You Have the Ability to Purchase F&F Clothes Online?

It is the Tesco brand of clothing F&F is available online on the Next website. There are more than 600+ products lines available.

Frequently Answered Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Tesco clothing sales.

What kind of clothing do Tesco sell?

Tesco has its own line of clothing F&F. This brand can be in stores but only online through Next’s clothing platform.

Are you able to try on clothes in Tesco?

Tesco stores offer F&F fitting rooms that allow customers to test out potential purchases.

Be aware that fitting rooms could be closed because of COVID restrictions.

Do Next sell Tesco Clothes Online?

Next online is now selling over 600 products from Tesco apparel brand F&F. This is the only website online which sells the F&F range of products since Tesco shut its own clothing website as well as its online store.

The selection will not be available in the same way as the F&F selection is available will be available in stores.

Do You Have the Ability to Return Tesco Clothes to any Store?

In the ideal scenario, Tesco prefers you to return your clothes with receipt to the shop where you bought the items.

Similar to all return clothes purchased from larger Tesco stores like Extra’s as well as Superstores are able to be exchanged at any Tesco store, with the exception of Tesco Express.

The time limit is 30 days. file your return.

It’s worth mentioning that Tesco offers a 100-day high-quality assurance on F&F school uniforms that includes shoes.

Can I return Tesco Clothing without a receipt?

Tesco will require proof of payment in the event of a return. They typically permit customers to return the product provided that it’s brand new and within its packaging, with tags still attached.

If you have lost your receipt and are paying with credit or debit card, make sure you prove the transaction on your credit or bank statement.

What exactly is F&F Mean?

It is the Tesco label of clothes F&F was earlier named Florence as well as Fred. It was introduced in 2001.