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How Custom Web Applications Can Help Your Business Productivity Soar

As the internet has become a standard at almost every workplace in the UK Web-based applications are becoming an increasingly essential tool for businesses, the most popular applications being communication with employees, collaboration with customers as well as secure storage of information and providing information and data to the management.

In our most recent blog, we’ll review some of the main advantages of web-based applications for businesses, and explain how a custom web app can help your company’s productivity rise.

What is Web Applications?

Web applications are computer program that allows users to login to a website address to send and retrieve information from an online database These programs are created using web technologies , such as HTML, CSS, JS and others and can be accessed through your preferred web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. ).

The benefits Of Custom Web Applications:

Improved Efficiency

The need to have multiple spreadsheets or shuffles around piles of papers is not just time-consuming, but it also leaves your company vulnerable to human mistakes that are not immediately apparent before it’s already too late.

In addition, without integration between these various sources of data, a time-consuming and tedious replication of data might be necessary to gain a complete view of the business’s performance.

Web-based applications can help you simplify your processes in order that you can accomplish more faster and with more precision. Additionally having all your data all in one place will give you a better understanding of your company, reducing employees’ time and allowing them to create reports that are constantly updated using real-time data.

Accessibility 24/7

Because the business systems built using web applications are internet-based which means they are accessible anytime, any time you are connected to the internet. Furthermore, they’re completely flexible, allowing access on almost every device or internet browser.

If software for desktops requires updating, each device where the software is installed will require updating. This task is typically left to personnel and can be overlooked in the event that they are forced to do it for duration, which leaves your business at risk of security breaches.

Take a look at the web-based application where a security or function update is rolled out to all versions of the application on the web with no downtime and give users immediate access to the most recent version of the application.

Higher Security Levels

For desktop-based software an unintentional or damaged computer can be very expensive and time-consuming issue and put your personal information at risk and forcing the user to notify their software vendor and request your software restored on a new computer.

When you use a web-based application (with files stored within the cloud) You are assured that should your equipment for your computer be lost or damaged, the computer could quickly be restored to normal business.

This is because web-based applications store information in remote servers, and that as long as you have your web address (web address) as well as your user name as well as password you are able to connect securely to any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet. Your company will be back in operation within a matter of minutes.

In the event of a loss of information due to human or programming error, the data is quickly recovered by transferring it to the cloud.

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Simple Customizable and Scalable

One of the most significant issues clients that we have with the off-the-shelf program is the problem that it doesn’t develop or connect with their company, or without costly upgrades at the very least.

Since a custom-designed web application that is tailored to meet your specific business requirements It’s totally flexible and adaptable to your business’s needs and expansion.

Modifications to the application could include your company’s branding as well as offering different permission access levels. By limiting the functions and features that are relevant to your company it will reduce the time spent training and you can also add more features as your business expands.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

When you use a web-based application, you’ll avoid the hassle and the memory usage of installing software on every device. Additionally, you’ll find web-based applications that are less invasive on old or low-spec devices.

Since all PCs have a browser, installing it is very quick and can be run in the background as staff are busy with their other duties. Maintenance requirements are usually less with patches and updates distributed via remote access to all devices.