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Reasons To Use Social Media

Social media isn’t a problem. It lets us remain in contact with friends by posting news, updates, stories. We can keep track of and expand our interest across different platforms. We can get involved with campaigns and causes that we care about. With all aspects of our lives being increasingly digitalized – particularly during the past year – for a lot of us , social media has been a vital method of keeping in touch with friends and, along with it some degree of regularity.

But, our health can be negatively affected through social media. Numerous studies have found that social media usage is linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression. Additionally it has been demonstrated to have negative effects on the quality of sleep and mood overall.

These same tools that connect us can cause us to feel lonely sometimes; this suggests that the presence of social media is not the sole reason of the negative impacts social media may have on us. The use of social media and the way we behave on the internet are also important aspects.

Particularly, research has observed that when we’re engaged on social media, we enjoy a more pleasant experience than if we’re not active. Active users are those who uses the platform to communicate with friends and share content with them. They can join communities based on their interests, hobbies and interests and utilize the abundance of knowledge and connections that are at their disposal to discover and further develop these. A user who is active uses the platform to create or enhance the real world.

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A user who is passive, in contrast does not engage in any form of interaction with the community or platform. Actually, they’re likely to be scrolling for an escape from boredom, as most of us are prone to do. They’re not trying to reach out to other people, they’re just waiting for content to arrive at them. When it does, even if it only triggers an instant snicker or flash of interest – it’s nowhere near as enjoyable.

The constant use of social media could leave us feeling as if we’re watching the world pass by. It can leave us with feelings of despair and inadequacy that are often caused through FOMO which can be instilled by watching the lives of other people on social media.

Therefore, it’s an obvious fact that active use of social media can have much more positive effects on our health than passive use. While it isn’t the same as non-virtual interaction but the platforms can provide us community and connections. This is particularly important in a time when reaching what is possible through other methods could be difficult.

Although it might be tempting to scream at Zuckerberg and make a fuss of Silicon Valley, we must keep in mind that we are the ones responsible for our use of social media. The paradox that social media could simultaneously connect us and separate us is largely due to our personal use of it. If we examine our relationship to the social networks, then we will be able to determine patterns of use that will bring advantages and make sure we experience a positive experiences on social media.