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The benefits of prepaid SIM cards and top-ups

If you’re a frequent user or just a frequent user, your requirements will be different. In the case of mobile telephony, there’s numerous options that every user will find something they want. From unlimited plans to the prepaid credit card the intended audience is not exactly the same. Mobile top-ups and prepaid cards are a great alternative to fixed-price plans that come with or with no commitment.

You can customize your consumption by using the pre-paid card

It is possible that you have recollected the prepaid cards that were widely used long ago, and were particularly popular with younger users. Today, however they’re much less common due to the threat of fixed-rate plans. their content and prices of fixed-rate plans are more appealing than prepaid cards, in many instances. However, they can be quite interesting for certain kinds of usage.

The basic principle behind an prepaid card is straightforward it is that you purchase the SIM card that has a specific amount of credit. As soon when you use it, the credit will run out. There are actually several kinds of prepaid deals:

“Pay-as-you go” cards are used for this purpose. The SIM card will be credited with a particular amount of euros. Each phone call, SMS/MMS call or Internet usage consumes the credit. When the credit has been exhausted, you’ll not be able to connect to the network.

Unlimited” cards that are valid for a certain time frame: the card lets you call, make SMS/MMS calls, and switch off or on internet access Internet for a specific time (e.g. 10 days). When the card expires the card will not be able to connect to the network.

Card with automatic top-up after hitting a threshold SIM card is credited with an amount of credit but it automatically tops up whenever a credit threshold is reached, which you’ve set beforehand.

Card with automatic monthly top-up The SIM card will be debited with a particular amount and this time, on the basis of a monthly schedule: you determine the amount you want to be credited every month, and the card will automatically be topped up.

Mobile top-ups can be used as an alternative to the prepaid sim card. Once the credit has been used up then you can purchase an additional top-up that will be charged to your account. It is important to note that this top-up may be made on the internet, which is useful for a lot of consumers. Similar to mobile top-ups, mobile top-ups can be not just for calls or SMS/MMS but also for internet use and you can purchase an internet credit card.

These cards, prepaid and mobile top-ups are available in the shops of phone operators, in tobacconists and supermarkets, or even at cash machines for topping-ups. As we’ve already observed, it’s possible to top-up your credit online, or make the automatic topping-up. You can purchase an prepaid card on its by itself or as kits, i.e. with a mobile.

Make use of your credits within the validity time of the top-up

When you make a credit to the card for a particular amount, you are given the right to a specific time to make use of the credit. When this time-limit is over, the credits have been used up and are gone for good. However you can top up your account again, even if you have remaining credit. These credits will be added and the time period of validity on both of them will match the same as that of the most recent top-up. It is important to note that some top-ups come with no limit on their validity, especially in the case of monthly top-ups.

Receiving calls in the time of duration of the line

A prepaid card purchase does not only mean buying credit. It’s also about purchasing the line. The length of the line isn’t exactly the same as the time that the credit card tops up. This means that you will still receive calls and text messages , even if have exhausted your credit or the top-up has been canceled. However, your line may be removed from service if not being used (no calls or text messages for a prolonged period of time).
It is worth considering an prepaid card in the event of…

I am a consumer who is sporadic.

Since the introduction of low-cost plans Prepaid credit cards are no longer popular. They cost you a significant amount of money if you utilize excessively and, most importantly, you need to pay focus on your credit card and replenish them regularly and are not practical. However it is a good idea to not make use of your mobile a lot and you limit your use to a couple of calls and SMS messages prepay card is a great option that can be affordable and provide better control of your budget for phone calls.

I am on a trip abroad and would like to call internationally

International calls can be very costly and therefore, for those who are frequent travelers or business travelers who want to make contact with someone in another country A prepaid card that allows international calls is a great option. Some cards allow you to specify the country in where you would like to call or to a specific area, while others permit the user to use their existing phone number and never lose your contacts.