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The Process Of Adding TikTok Coins

You might have noticed that TikTok coins are more expensive on the app than on the desktop website. Here’s why…

TikTok allows users to swap real-world currency to the in-app currency TikTok coins. However, you won’t always receive the same price.

When you next buy coins for the TikTok account, buy the coins on your computer to receive the lowest price. Here’s why…

What are TikTok coins?

Coins are the currency in-app of TikTok and it is possible to use TikTok coins in a variety of different ways. You can make use of TikTok coins to purchase gifts to your favorite creators, or buy promotions to promote your personal TikTok videos.

To purchase these items first you need to buy coins. You can then utilize them to make in-app purchases.

TikTok coins can be bought through the TikTok application. However, what you may not realize is that you will get an even better price if buy coins from your desktop. As per the TikTok website you could save as much as 31% by doing this.

Why are TikTok coins more expensive on Desktop?

You could save up to 31% if you buy TikTok coins directly on your computer, instead of using the application. This is due to the fact that the app stores charge a commission for transactions made to app businesses via the payment process of the store.

For big companies, such as the developers of TikTok and Google Play Store, it is important to note that the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store take a 30% commission on in-app purchases. Instead of letting app stores earn a percentage, TikTok takes this fee into consideration and will charge higher prices inside the application, requiring the user to pay an additional fee.

Since TikTok’s site does not require hosting via any app, purchases made through the desktop website do not charge a commission to them like mobile storefronts for apps.

Why should you buy TikTok Coins for your computer?

You could save nearly one-third of the price for purchasing TikTok coins directly on your computer, as you don’t have to pay the channel fee charged by the app store.

You can also buy an even larger quantity of coins directly on your desktop than you could on the app by using the option to customize coin amounts.

If you’re looking for an improved value for your cash, you have the information you need and the reason why.