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What is MOD APK?

What exactly is MOD APK? Strengths, Weaknesses and Dangers MOD Apk, this term is a common one to Android users, specifically those who download applications that aren’t available on the google play store.

While a lot of users download MOD APK, however, there are many who download MOD APK but not all of them know what it does, what advantages, drawbacks, and the dangers of its use.

This article I’ll describe the purpose of MOD Apk and its benefits along with its drawbacks, advantages, and potential dangers. Check out the text below!

A. What exactly is MOD APK

MOD APK is an App Mod, also known as an application modified, that was initially an official application that was modified by a third party and created by replacing official features with features that third-party developers desired.

Many paid apps can be converted into MOD apps with no cost features. Modifications to the application are through the modification of the system’s files like adding or subtracting files to produce an alternative version to the original application.

There are two kinds of MOD APKs. The first one is the MOD APK that has been subjected to minor modifications, such as bypassing the trial limit in order to enable us to continue to use it as well as the one that has gone through major modifications both in terms of appearance/design.

B. Advantages

Free Download: Yes, we are able to download this modified application at no cost on mod apk download websites. Games and applications that are free are easily downloaded.

More Cool and Complete Features: As I stated earlier, mod applications offer greater features such as within the main application, it could have paid features however, in mod applications these features are offered for free.

Being able to access unlimited resources It is typically found in games, for instance in official apps in which resources are limited and we need to purchase to get more resources. However, for mod apk, we typically receive unlimited resources, such as unlimited money.

C. Weaknesses/Dangers

The source isn’t official: Since it has been altered by a third-party The mod application is been tampered with by a third party and is not an official source.

The application cannot be updated through on Play Store : Most of the modif apps cannot be downloaded from the Play store. Since it is a different version, and is not an official.

Affecting the original developer It is negative for the developer who originally created it as if within the official application are paid-for features It is possible users can use these features with MOD’s application. Even more concerning such as advertising, it might be that developers’ official ads are removed while ads from third party websites are included.

There is no guarantee: If there’s a glitch in MOD, if you have a problem with MOD program, it are unable to make a complaint to the developer because the application is not an official application and has not been updated.

Vulnerable vulnerable to Virus and Malware Incorporated for this reason it’s all about the requirements of third party developers. If the developer would like to incorporate malware and viruses it’s quite likely. Therefore, we as modified downloaders are able to beat it by downloading it through reliable websites.

Google Banned Risk: Why is it possible to be banned by google?It’s because the application we are using is not a legitimate application and could be dangerous. If Google has been banned, you can’t access all functions available in Android phones.

The possibility of losing a number of crucial data points is a concern. Think twice about installing the MOD app if your mobile has M bank internet banking, other documents. There is a chance that the information stored on the phone could be stolen.

After you have read about the definition of mod apk along with its advantages and drawbacks, you will determine whether you should install it or not.

Personally I’ll still be using the mod app on other phones that don’t contain crucial information, such as the internet banking app or M banking, or any others important papers.