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10 Reasons To Visit Morocco

There are a variety of reasons holidaymakers are drawn to destinations in other countries for their vacation whether it’s an unplanned break or an adventure, blue skies and sunshine or to unwind after a busy work day or to have fun with the family.

Below , we’ve listed 10 great reasons (in not in any particular order) to consider why Morocco is a fantastic vacation spot:

1. Beautiful Coastline The 1200-mile stretch extends from the Mediterranean on its Northern part of its West coast, and all the way to the border of Western Sahara. Beautiful towns like Oualidia, Essaouira, Agadir and the Souss Massa National Park, all the way to Mirleft, a remote Southern city of Mirleft.

2. Sahara Desert: a magical natural wonder of the earth that offers breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. The world’s biggest desert which covers 10 countries. Morocco is an ideal destination for visiting the stunning sand dunes, and spending the night beneath the stars in the traditional Berber camping site.

3. Delicious spicy/tasty food: Moroccans are famous for their tasty and spicy food. The recipes continue to be utilized from earlier generations, with a wide range of traditional cooking methods as well as an assortment of ingredients, meats and vegetables. For those who enjoy food with a hint of a kick, Moroccan cuisine hits the right spot!

4. A rich history and a diverse culture: Moroccan culture is completely different from ours, but has an intriguing background. Cities that remain the same for hundreds many years. Medinas which continue to use traditional methods are brimming with hand-made products and crafts as well as ancient buildings as well as monuments, museums and other sites to discover and be amazed.

5. An array of exciting activities that range from a couple of hours riding a camel back to a week of trekking through the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, there are many activities to take part in during your trip to Morocco like cooking lessons as well as white water rafting hot air ballooning, and diverse day trip.

6. Experiences with the traditional for many: Meeting the locals and learning about the culture is a most important reason to travel to the North African country. We offer a variety of cultural traditions in our holiday to Morocco programme.

7. Amazing natural diversity The stunning natural landscape includes sandy beaches of the Atlantic Coastline, exciting ancient cities like Marrakech and Fez and the Anti- Atlas Mountains, traditional towns, deep deserts there’s something for everyone.

8. Amazing Mountain range The Atlas Mountains spans across some 2500 km, mostly located in Morocco and expands to Algeria as well as Tunisia. This stunning Mountain Range (from the Anti-Atlas in the south of the country, to it’s the High Atlas in the south and the Middle Atlas) has varied landscapes and climates. Its most awe-inspiring peak (Mount Toubkal) located near Imlil, the Berber settlement of Imlil with a height of 4,167 m.

9. The flight is short and departs from UK Very diverse in its cultural diversity, but just an 3.5 an hour drive from UK, Morocco is very accessible from a variety of UK airports. It is a great choice for people who do not want to commit to long flights, but still having access to an exotic destination via an air trip that is short.

10. An excellent climate throughout the year: Morocco enjoys a more mild climate than others North African countries thanks to the impact on the Atlantic weather system. Due to its mountains and the influence of the Atlantic and the huge variation in altitude and latitude The climate is ideal any time of the season and is a popular winter getaway in the south-western regions.

We offer a variety of itineraries to help you develop your holiday plans, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll take care of all the rest! Our team of experts have traveled extensively throughout Morocco to experience our offerings and have a clear idea of what we can suggest depending on your individual interests and needs.