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Morocco excursions from Marrakech

There are many unique options to do while you’re in Marrakech. The numerous available Marrakech excursions will help you make the most of your trip for everyone involved. If you’re in search of interesting day trips out of Marrakech we can assist with all non-trip related issues you have to be aware of while visiting Marrakech.

We offer a wide range of trips to Essaouira, Ouarzazate & Ait benHaddou, Agafay desert, Ouzoud waterfalls and Atlas Mountains day excursion . The Marrakech day trips were created to allow you to experience the most stunning landscapes and destinations in Morocco. These are the top Morocco trips that offer daily departures from Marrakech.

Here are the top day trips that you can do from Marrakech.

Ouarzazate & Ait Ben Haddou

Day excursion to Ouarzazate is among our most requested trips. Enjoy a trip through Ouarzazate’s Atlas Mountains up to Ait Ben Haddou which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can visit its stunning Kasbah as well as the scene to film The Game of Thrones. In Ouarzazate, Morocco, on the edge of the Sahara Desert, you will explore the ancient Kasbah Taourirt, a palace with 300 rooms, as well as The famed Atlas Film Studios.

The Atlas Mountains

Explore the old tracks that lead those of the Berbers across The Atlas Mountains, and travel to the past in the towns tucked away in the mountains and valleys. Explore the old-fashioned lifestyle of the village in Morocco. The landscapes will be stunning and, with the help of the 4×4, you can reach remote areas that tours buses aren’t able to reach.


Explore Essaouira which is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. Moroccan Atlantic paradisiac and home of celebrities like Jimmy Hendrix. These Marrakech excursions will have the opportunity to visit the harbor as well as the enclosed walled-in area that is the Scala. Take a stroll along the bustling streets, meet local artists as they perfect their skills, and If you are a fan of seafood, make sure to dine on a delicious dinner in the port.

Ouzoud waterfalls

Relax and enjoy the thousands of olive trees in the Ouzoud Falls on this 1 day excursion departing from Marrakech. With your guide, you’ll be able to see the most eye stunning waterfalls of North Africa, located in Tanaghmeilt located within the Atlas Mountains. This region is in stark contrast to the vast, desert countryside of the countryside.

Ourika Valley

In the Atlas Mountains excursion, you will discover The Ourika Valley, a lush area of greenery. The valley is situated at the foothills the Atlas Mountains, Ourika is well-known for its breathtaking waterfalls, stunning landscapes, breathtaking roads, and gorgeous traditional villages. Visit an herb garden where you can drink traditional mint tea which is served by the locals.

Marrakech sightseeing tours

Experience Marrakesh on your own terms with this private tour, revealing the numerous facets of the city. Explore the maze of roads of Medina and discover the famous souks. Journey back in time by visiting the most gorgeous monuments and palaces including those of the Bahia Palace, bustling Djemaa El Fna Square or The Saadian tombs.

Camel Riding

Be the Tuareg for a day , and enjoy a camel ride around in the Palm Groves of Marrakesh. With over 100,000 palm trees, the villages in the local area; and the desert surrounding it, the palm groves are an enchanting area. To get a different perspective take a stroll along the paths that have attracted trade caravans over the centuries.

Quad Biking

Take advantage of the most exciting activities on your visit to Marrakech. Here’s your opportunity to explore this unique Marrakech desert, mixing speed and sand with buggies and quads.

Chez Ali Fantasia Dinner

Feel the spirit of Moroccan folklore in “Chez Ali,” and you can enjoy the “Thousand as well as One Night” show within the Palm Grove of Marrakesh. Enjoy the tasty traditional cuisine and revel in a truly unique show featuring belly dance as well as fireworks, horses and amazing tricks that will make you swoon!

Helping Make Your Marrakech Experiences even more memorable

If you’re on looking for the best Marrakech excursions, you’ll find them within minutes. We offer excursions here to satisfy every taste and any curiosity. Our tour guides are professionals and ensure that each tour they take is an enjoyable experience and the time spent well. Our tours will get you fully immersed into Moroccan lifestyle and culture to the point that you’ll not wish to leave your trip.

You won’t regret it choosing our day trips starting from Marrakech. Here , you can take advantage of the most enjoyable sightseeing tours and desert tours from Marrakesh. Let professionals manage all the small details and you can simply arrive and relax and take in the experience.

These Marrakech tours will allow you to gain a better understanding of Marrakech and its main tourist destinations. It is possible to combine several locations and create these two-day excursions, and spend an evening in your chosen city. If you’d like to visit any city that’s not included in this list please do not hesitate to tell us which city you would want to see. We will look into your request and provide you with an immediate response to your inquiry.

Pick from trips that take you to waterfalls from Ouzoud to the ait benHaddou. Explore the Atlas mountains, and much more. All this and more is yours if you reserve the Marrakech excursion with us. Let us assist you in making your trip to Marrakech an unforgettable experience! Contact us to book your tours today to guarantee the best holiday experience in Morocco.