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Why You Should Try Traditional Cuisine While Visiting Romania

Food is such an integral element of a nation’s society that travelers travel for the sole intention of exploring unique food across the globe.

If your travels are not solely focused on food It is highly advised to combine the attractions of the tourist and local cuisine to gain the best experience when visiting Romania.

A Brief introduction to the Romanian Cuisine

Romanian cuisine is a representation of the many cultures it has interacted with. The food has been heavily in the influence of Turkish, Hungarian, Austrian, German, or Slavic cuisines.

While it’s not widely known in other countries, Romanian food has its distinct flavor due to the influences discussed earlier. If you try it, it’s like you’ve eaten something similar in the past however it’s distinct.

Here are five reasons you should try traditional Romanian cuisine while visiting Romania.

1. It’s made from local ingredients

If you decide to go to a Transylvanian restaurant, Maramures, or other rural areas of Romania you’ll find that the inhabitants of these areas are using indigenous, natural products.

The food you eat is always fresh and made using the finest ingredients.

Romanians love food, which is why they strive to make use of as many as they can of products that are of the best quality.

2. It has an Homemade Feel

Romanians love having a family get-together (especially on weekends) and enjoying an incredibly hearty meal that is home-cooked. The fresh and natural ingredients they use certainly contribute to the rustic feeling of the food.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that food is a way of bringing people to one another in Romania.

3. It’s Flavorful

The delicious Romanian food will delight your palate with a blend of flavours that you’ll love.

From appetizers to mains and desserts, every dish is unique in its flavor that will think of it for years to come and to request another one.

Garlic parsley, dill the thyme, sour-cream, onions and fat are used in the majority of cases to enhance the flavors in Romanian food.

4. It’s the ultimate in comfort.

Winter is the best time to enjoy some delicious comfort food, and luckily while in Romania you’ll be able enjoy it nearly everywhere you travel.

From appetizers to desserts Romanian dishes will warm your heart during the cold winter months.

In the traditional way, a Romanian meal is usually served with a soup that may be sweet or sour according to the region from which you’ll be eating the meal. Soups made of tripe, soups with meatballs and beans soup with bacon that has been smoked are the most popular soups to try.

Soup is what that the majority of Romanians are drawn to as a comfort food.

5. It’s affordable

We all know that budget is one of the most important aspects when traveling, which is the reason we’d like to remind you the fact that Romanian food is very affordable.

For instance, a soup could cost you around $3, based on the restaurant you’ll be going to. A main course like cabbage rolls with rice, pork or ham, served with polenta typically costs not more than $10.